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The Full Collection 06/22/09

I decided to snap a few photos of my collection as of right now. Some of the older polishes I didn't include. Annnnd some of them look messy.. Sometimes with nail art and sharing, messes happen. Anyways, on with the photos: The storage unit The top drawer, used for knoad stuffs, top/base coats and colours I haven't tried yet The middle drawer, used for the nail art pens The bottom drawer, home to most of the polishes Minis Blues Pinks Reds & Purples Whites & Greys & Blacks & an Orange Yellows & Golds & Greens

My Wallet Is Lighter *Edit*

Just got home from Cosmo Prof (ok, not just.. I came home and helped with gardening first) but I got 11 new polishes and some nail art pens.. and extras. I will snap a few photos later. I have too many colours to choose from now! YAY!! *Edit* Here are the photos of the new new kids! The OPIs The CGs And a quick snap of 'Golden Opportunity' - I really liked the colour at first, then the next day it looked more mustardy. I will give it another try some day..

The New Kids

I was going to just edit my last post, but instead I will just make a new post so that I can show some photos of my shipment from today! I took photos with and without flash and found that the photos taken with flash were more true to most of the colours, so those are the photos I shall use! On to the snaps: And now there is a storm coming.. Now that we finally have nice weather and can start gardening. I think that is always the way things have to go. Bleh!

Pink Zebra And More

Ok, so first.. I will post a pic of my latest nail creation. It actually wasn’t thought up by me rather than by this gal on youtube (she has awesome videos!) You can check out the inspiration by clicking on this link: Annnnd here is a pic: I need to find a new way to pose my hands – very unflattering! Haha. Theeeen, this morning I woke up to a package waiting for moi! It was my order from Trans Design, Inc. I was quite happy with how fast it got here!! My only mistake in this order was OPI A Grape Fit! I already had the mini size and wanted to get a full size. Of course I ordered the mini size. Oh well, I am going to the beauty supplier on Friday and can get all the OPI greatness that I want. Anyways, the order included: OPI A Grape Fit CG Custom Kicks CG B-Girlz CG Breakin’ CG Adore CG Pink Voltage CG Golden Opportunity CG OMG Orly Glitz Orly Mini-Tiki Time 4-pack (which includes Teeny Bikini, Calypso Breeze, Sol Caba

Quickie Update

This is just a note to remember to update this here blog asap. Hopefully tomorrow! I have been suuuuper busy with work. Bleh. I have been shopping as of late and have some pretty neato goodies to post up! Annnd I just ordered some other polishes. Now to wait for those..