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Quirius Swatches (Pic Heavy)

I am really not one for swatching polishes, but it was asked for, so I will do it! I am super sorry to have to show some really sloppy polish applying.. Please look past that fact - PLEASE! Anyways, on to the photos..

All of the pictures are clickable to be enlarged..

3 coats; a bit streaky and dried rubbery - a white base might be beneficial here!

2 coats.

2 coats; rubbery and vnl BUT a super easy removal.

2 coats; a chocolatey purple - love it!

3 coats; rubbery and you could see all the brush strokes..

2 coats; 1 more coat would have gotten rid of the brush strokes.

3 coats; could use more as at 3 coats it felt like only 1 - super quick drying time!

3 coats; LOVE THIS COLOUR!!!

Now I am actually going to have to find some time either tonight or tomorrow to actually paint my nails. Plus I had mentioned Christmas came early.. Well, it really has! My favourite uncle is arriving here for at least a week tomorrow! WOO!


Kae said…
Those are all gorgeous colors! I too love that last one, mmm holo glitter :D
Mary said…
All very pretty! Maybe a drop or 2 of thinner would make them less 'rubbery'? Enjoy your time with your Uncle :)
Paige said…
Thank you for swatching these! They are gorgeous colors!
Delainie said…
Kae - I agree with them all being gorgeous.. and glitter is always a plus!!

Mary - I never thought of that.. I might have to try that.. But I notice that CG Shocking Pink (neon) goes on rubbery unless there is a white base first.. Not sure if that will change anything, but I will give thinner a shot!! And thanks, I am super excited to see him!!

gildedangel - Anytime!! Although maybe next time I will do a better job!!
Lucy said…
Love all those polishes. Very pretty on you. My favorite is Arabian Nights. Love all that glitter. Have a wonderful time with your Uncle. My Uncle used to come visit twice a year and stayed with different familes. I really miss him, he died about 5 years ago. I think of him often.

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