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My Dollar Nail Art... Haul

BAH! I am really not a huge fan of the word ‘haul’, but synonyms for the word are really no better.. I guess I could say ‘order’.. BUT then again the word ‘haul’ is so widely used across the interwebs that I wouldn’t want to mess with what people know. /endminirant.

I woke up today to find my ORDER from Dollar Nail Art sitting for me on the counter. My last five days have been pretty sad.. My favourite (I say this with heavy guilt because you should never play favourites when it comes to your ‘children’) rabbit has been starving herself. Needless to say we keep her upstairs with us and just watch movies and snuggle her to give her body warmth and entice her to eat her favourite treats. I felt horrible every time I left the house to go to work. Sorry.. Just had to toss that all out there. I have been sporting a sadface for five days now.

I was pumped this is finally arrived.. Now I am just waiting for my transdesign order (fingers crossed that is arrives tomorrow!!)

First off, I have to say the packaging was awesome!! It was extremely protected which I really appreciate.. Even though none of these items are breakable (well, for the most part!)

Alright, on to the photo fun!

Striping tape. I have always done the stripes by hand, but sometimes when I am trying to be my best at being precise it goes horribly (wobbily?) wrong! I ordered the set of ten tapes, which includes:
  • 1 Roll each 648x1/64" Black, Gold, Silver
  • 1 Roll each 648x1/32" Black, Gold, Silver
  • 1 Roll each 324x1/64" Patterns A, B, C
  • 100 pcs. Striping Tape Strips
Pretty excitng! I cannot wait to test these bad boys out.. Plus I think they will last for quite some time. Price is $8.50 for the Striping Tape Set.

Next is the Laser Strands in Silver. I only ordered the silver because I wanted to try it out.. Plus I had already decided on all the striping tapes.. soo.. now looking back at the website, I really want the Rainbow Laser Strands as well!! You get 75 strips for $1!!

Silver Dot Foil!!!! I have heard great things and not so great things about foil nails, but I knew I needed to try it myself!! 5ft of any transfer foil is only $1! Plus you can order the foil adhesive for $1 as well. I reaaaaally want to try this out, but sadly my foil adhesive froze during delivery, so the consistency will never be workable. They included a piece of paper warning that this could happen and I just have to contact them and they will reship. I will contact them, but I don't know how long I can wait.. To be honest, the adhesive smells like Elmer's glue.. I might just get creative on my own.. You never know!!

One of my favourite shapes is stars.. So of course I had to order these gems!! Each package of 100 stars is $1, but I couldn't decide.. SO! I ordered the set of 10 coloured stars for $8.50. You get:
  • 100 AB Stars (pearl-like)
  • 100 Aqua Stars
  • 100 Black Stars
  • 100 Blue Stars
  • 100 Gold Stars
  • 100 Green Stars
  • 100 Lavender Stars
  • 100 Pink Stars
  • 100 Red Stars
  • 100 Silver Stars
Super cute! Again, something I cannot wait to try..

And now for my absolute FAVOURITE thing.. This was the item that actually made me go 'I have to order all of this stuff!!'

Now, I have been DYING to do lace nails.. But everytime I find 'lace' it is so thick and it just ruins everything.. I found LASER LACE! Once I saw this, I knew I needed to get the set of 10, no questions asked. Again, the set of 10 was $8.50. You get:
  • Laser Lace AB (pearl-like)
  • Laser Lace Aqua
  • Laser Lace Gold
  • Laser Lace Hot Pink
  • Laser Lace Lime
  • Laser Lace Lemon
  • Laser Lace Neon Orange
  • Laser Lace Raspberry
  • Laser Lace Sky Blue
  • Laser Lace Silver
Laser Lace Hot Pink and Lime have already stolen my attention completely!! I seriously want to slap on some polish and play with the lace but I am trying to wait until tomorrow just in case my TD order comes in so then I can use a new colour. I have a feeling that it won't happen.. Sigh.

OK! Sorry for that year long post, I just had to share this with all of you.. I have posted links all within this post, but just in case my 'subtle' hints weren't working, you can go to to check it out for yourselves! And no, I did not get sent these items for free, I paid for them and am just raving as a completely happy customer!!

I hope everyone has a majestic Monday - I am off to snuggle with my rabbit (:

Oh, this is her..

Her name is DJ which stands for Dewey Jr. because she looked exactly like her dad. The only difference was her size and that little white crescent of fur on her side. Looking at this picture is making my eyes all misty because right now she is literally skin and bones and it breaks my heart. She was always my go-to snuggler.. She wouldn't snuggle with anyone else.. And now I am probably going to lose her. If any of you ladies (or gents) out there have pets in your life, I want you to go give them a hug or a kiss (or both!!) and tell them that you love them. I am going to go do the same to mine.


Paige said…
Great haul, I can't wait to see what you do with all of that!
Velvet said…
Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about your rabbit. She looks so sweet in the photo. Cool nail art supplies,they should be fun to work with.
Anonymous said…
How does the laser lace work? Just on nail polish or can it be put on gel? I think it looks so cool!!! I like the foil as well and have no idea how it is used. I checked you tube for the laser lace but there was only one in dutch.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to heatlr about your rabbit! ;( Also, how do you know the foil froze? Was it just hard? Great haul! Tfs!! :)
Anonymous said…
Laser Lace can be encapsulated in gel or acrylic, or just applied to the natural nail. :) The foil is applied by using an adhesive. You press the foil and when it is peeled off, the pattern stays on the nail! ;) Hope this helped!

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