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Even More Goodies (Pic Heavy)

I thought receiving a package yesterday was rad.. But two days in a row!? YAY! Day brighteners to the max!!

I will just get right in to the photos because this post will be full of them..

I had to snap a quick photo of the opened box before I opened any of the boxes within.. Why? Because Kris used coloured tissue paper and I'm a sucker for coloured tissue paper! (I know.. I'm weird!)

In this photo we have Spa Gel Toe Separators and a CH-924 foot pumice.. I am actually quite enthralled with the idea of using the toe separators.. I have never used them before and it seems like fun!!

The Seche Secrets of the French Manicure set. Doesn't it looks awesome!? The kit includes: Seche Clear (base coat), Seche Porcelain ("A luxe nail lacquer designed to make your nail tips white while enhancing the natural nail color"), Seche Rose ("A luxe nail lacquer used to enhance the natural pigment of the nail bed") and of course, my favourite, Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.  Also - doesn't Seche Porcelain sound amazing? I might actually have to give myself a French Manicure to test this bad boy out!!

In this photo we have (from l to r): Kleancolor in Brown, BYS in Yellow Sunshine, Jordana in Mellow Yellow, Quirius in Chocolate Moose, Mattese N.Y.C in Neon Lightening Blue and Finger Paints in Leonardo Da Vin-Pink. I have to say that I LOVE yellow polish!! So excited about the two in this photo.. BUT! I have to say that two polish names make me want to use them more so than anything else. Can you guess the two?

This photos contains (from l to r): Street Wear by Revlon polishes in Psychedelic and FX flash, CoverGirl Crackle Lacquer Blue, CG polishes in For Audrey, Avalanche and Evening Seduction. The Street Wear bad boys look like a lot of fun!! And Crackle polish?! Be still my heart!! I remember having a Crackle polish in grade 7.. I had to do some chores around the house so my mom would buy it for me (this was before my major babysitting gigs started..) and I thought I was the coolest kid alive! So great!! OH! And Evening Seduction (last polish) is actually a really deep and beautiful looking purple.. Not black (:

In this photo we have: CG polishes in Spontaneous, Masai Red and Liquid Leather, Ulta polishes in Sun-Sational, Chic Peek and Celebutante. I am actually pretty excited to have some Ulta polishes in my collection.. And another yellow! Such a great colour..

This gem of a photo includes: Diamond Cosmetics polishes in: Amethyst & Diamonds, Blue Diamonds and Serendipity, Bobbie in Black Shadow, Ulta Professional in Banana Rum in the Sun and Wet n Wild in Jade. There isn't a polish in this photo that I am not excited to try.. I am kind of in love with all of them..

These bad boys are Adoree polishes.. I am pumped about these! They are: Seaport Blue, Autumn Cover, Glamour Pink and Salmon Stream. When I was nabbing these gems out of the box, I grabbed Salmon Stream and said 'weird.. this polish reminds me of salmon...' check the label and chuckled. I don't even know why it does remind me of salmon as I am not a fan.. But I get good vibes off of their marketing teams!!

This photo includes: CG polishes in Re-Fresh Mint and White Out, OPI in OPI & Apple Pie, CoverGirl Nailslicks in Khaki, L.A Colors in White and Avon in Golden Wine. I am pretty sure there was a hallelujah choir singing when I pulled Re-Fresh Mint out of the box.. I had wanted the polish so bad, yet when I would go to Chatters, it was ALWAYS out and I would forget to add it to my TD orders.. So happy! And Golden Wine looks UH-MAY-ZING! Reddish gold (not copper though!) with golden sparkles? Yay!

Here we have Seche Natural (Matte Finish) and Seche Restore. I am excited to have another Seche Restore.. When I bought my first bottle of Seche Vite, Restore was beside it.. And I was like 'meh, I don't need that stuff!'.. About mid-way through my bottle of Seche Vite, it seemed to be overly thick and it finally clicked that restore is important. Plus it has helped with other polishes. LOVE it. Also, we have some Andrea Eye Q's makeup remover pads.. These pads say they are good for contact wearers, which seems excellent to me as I have decided that I should actually wear my lenses more!!

Now some false lashes by Ardell. They are Fairies Black, Fun and Shimmer.. I am actually really excited to try out false eyelashes.. The one makeup product I cannot live without is mascara as I think my eyelashes are most important to me (yet mine are nothing special.. they are not overly thick or long, etc) so having something else to help out their appearance is fine by me! There is also the eyelash adhesive by DUO.

Phew! Did you all survive? I am still glancing over at all the polish and going 'ok, you, you and you.. we're going to do this design.. ooohhh wait.. you!' - this could be dangerous!

Again, I want to thank everyone over at Polish or Perish for an amazing giveaway.. I still cannot believe my name was drawn and I get to be the happy kid with all these goodies. Um, nobody pinch me, I'm having a good dream!!

Oh, and one more photo just for fun.. My stellar nail injury!
Last night, after returning from my brother's hockey game, my hands were numb, so I was actually able to get that last bit of polish off (with remover.. and it didn't even sting!) I decided to clip the nail down to a nub.. You know when you're injured and you're trying to prevent any pain to the injured area yet every time you do anything you end up hitting/bumping your injured area? Yeah. That was happening, but my nail would get caught and it would send a shooting pain down my finger. Since clipping it I have had no problems.

Ok, enough already huh.. Have a terrific Tuesday.. I am off to come up with some designs!! If anyone wants to see swatching, let me know.. As I will swatch of all of you lovelies - or anything you want to know - comment and I will get back to you, I promise!!

Your Comments Answered
  • Smita - Haha! You should definitely get it!! You know, I kept reading about people saying their plates were scratched up and I was like 'mine aren't!' - I was glancing through them last night and to my dismay, some of them are!! I will have to either get a plastic scraper or just use an old card - I don't want these to get ruined!! 
  • ThRiSzHa - Thankies! I cannot wait to see what I will do either.. I think I need to master my konading skills first!!
  • asdf - Excellent idea - I have it written down. Expect it soon!! And thank you for the idea (:

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