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Edmonton Trip

I know I like to keep this a strictly nail polish blog (or, at least I think I do..) but today I am going to post up some of the make-up goodies I bought while in Edmonton. Do not fret, I did also buy some nail polish.

I will start off with these gems. Now, my favourite colour is green.. And I really love green polish.. Also, I only own 1 sparitual polish.. I believe I paid $12ish for it to be shipped to me.. They had these lovelies boxed up together for $17.50.. Of course I was sold. The colours are Greenhouse (Glitter) & Earth Matters (Glitter). Another thing that sold me was that the insert is plantable. I love stuff like that! After I read that part aloud, my friend was like 'now you obviously have to get them!' - SOLD!

I thought planting it and watching it grow would be amazing.. What would make it more amazing? Photo-documenting it and sharing the process with all of you. Luckily the dad has been on some strange plant growing obsession lately, so all the supplies are at my disposal. (Side story: we tried to grow pumpkins last year.. We needed about another month, but frost came early, etc, SO he decided to start growing them indoors and then transplanting them outside once it is safe.. they are growing like mini demons and that pleases me!)

OUR seed card is in the pot. The other little guys are flowers and I believe some other pumpkins. 4 of the pumpkin plants have already been transferred to pots that are at the kitchen window. Anyways.. Enough about plants!

As we were leaving this store (it is called Murale, and I will talk more about that in a moment) - we of course stumbled upon a 50% off bin. I noticed this pretty little fellow nesting within the bin. I have really liked browns lately.. I rarely use them, but I know that if I buy them and hate them, the mother will be pleased to get her mitts on them.. Win/win! This is also my first GOSH polish - yay! This is Golden Brown.

Now for my piece de la resistance - My very first Deborah Lippmann polish. This is Across The Universe. I had probably seen 3.8 million photos of it online and was like 'meh', but seeing it in real life!? Amazing! I was hoping they would have a bottle of Bad Romance sitting around as that is the polish I really wanted.. But nah. He will suffice!

The store that I bought these children at.. To be honest.. We wouldn't have even stopped in to. We had already been to Sephora and spent a small fortune on make-up, BUT, as we walked by, my friend was passed a little book. She was aimlessly flipping through it as we walked and I stopped, mouth agape and said: "was that Deborah Lippmann polish on that page?!" - she flipped back, it was, we walked backwards and straight in to the store. Yes, it is my first Lippmann and it is my most expensive polish to date. I was told to put it away and that only I am allowed to use it. I like these rules.

I think I did pretty good with buying nail polish in Edmonton.. Only 4 bottles.. Oh right, those rules do not apply when I get home. I bought two more yesterday.

I was just going to get Teenage Dream because they finally restocked them and I just really like that song.. Of course when I get to the till, the cashier tells me that if I buy two OPIs I can get a bottle of Avo Juice free.. Now, for someone that has stupidly sensitive skin that most lotions will slaughter and eczema moves in, Avo Juice is a lotion I can actually use. Sold. I was looking at Last Friday Night anyways. They are both beautiful. I am happy to own both.

Now, I am going to post some photos of the make-up that I bought from Sephora.. Hopefully that will be ok.. If that isn't your cup of tea, I apologize and you're more than welcome to 'x' from this page now - and I hope to see you later (:

Ok, I lied. It isn't ALL from Sephora. These gems are from Victoria's Secret. The eyeshadow quad is called Menage and the radiant face trio is called Captivate. I wore Captivate out yesterday, and when it looks amazing when it catches the light which is quite often.

Here is Make Up Forever HD Foundation in 107. This is their 'lightest shade' with deep pink undertones. I decided to not test it out yesterday as I am sick and was just going to the mall. 110 didn't match me at all and this one seems like it does. Fingers crossed!

Then there is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. I knew I was buying this before we got in to the store. I have used this for a long time and it was time for a new one. I really like the new tube model.. I mean, the wand is great, but I don't really need it!

Then I bought a sponge-tip smudge brush by Sephora.. And some of their mascara, I believe it is this one. I haven't tried it yet, but my friend did and she loves it!

I was so excited to buy these! But when we got into the store, there was no display for the naked eye collection and one left, and absolutely none of the natural eye. I was a bit upset, but decided to keep wandering around the store. I couldn't stop thinking about them. I finally asked one of the sales associates if they had anymore.. They did. My friend and I kept looking at both.. And she said 'I kind of want both..' which is exactly what I was thinking. We decided to get both. I haven't been happier with a purchase in a long time!

The first palette is The Naked Eye collection and the second is The Natural Eye collection. I used the 'Day' set from the natural eye collection yesterday.. It was easy to apply and looked awesome!!

Ok.. I am done!! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend, or, just a great weekend in general! I really want to paint my nails, but know it is silly as they will just get wrecked tomorrow.. Oh dilemmas!

  • rebecca - You're very welcome - they are all true! I hope you do as well, as I need constant inspirational material!! And that is awesome (:
  • grace - Thank youuu!!
  • Lindsay M. B. - It really does. It works perfectly for a spring look! It really is a great blog! I am happy to finally be following it as well!
  • Prettyfulz - I think you should try it out!! You'll get many, many compliments on it!! I had people grabbing my hands constantly, and to me, that always means it is a great success!
  • JQ - Yay! I am glad you found it as well (: I think you should also give them a try, you would do such an awesome job of it!


Awesome haul post. Can't wait to see your SpaRitual's swatched. I love that brand. And that GOSH is looking mighty fine too.
JQ said…
so much pretties! I'm also excited to see the SpaRituals swatched! I don't own any YET. Also Also Deborah Lippmann! Wowie!
Minty said…
AH! I can't wait to see how you use DL Across the Universe! You got some really amazing goodies.

P.S. I just gave you a Kreativ Blogger Award! I hope you don't mind if I post the link:
Swååfie said…
I really envy your haul! (the polishes) .. Great ones that I would wish I owned myself! :p

Btw, I have tagged you in an award, but haven't gotten around to tell you :p
li lian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
shortwidenails said…
need swatches of naked palette please!!
I can't decide if I want to get the romantic palette or the naked palette. Natural is a bit too shimmery for me...I already have a palette like that.

I love your haul post! love love love!!! I also managed to got a hold of the the across the universe..i've only used it once so far

above was me, wrong account

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