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Blue Giraffe Nails + Tutorial + What's In My Purse

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a freakishly long time!! That is pretty upsetting! I didn't post up anything because I wasn't really wearing anything exciting polish-wise. I was up at the lake last weekend and was just sporting OPI Miami Beet with CG Fairy Dust over top.. And before that I think I was wearing OPI Skull & Glossbones and before that CG Flying Dragon.. So, just polishes and to me that is boring (for me to post, I like looking when other people post up their swatches of polishes..)


I had wanted to film another video tutorial, so I found a look via a magazine advertisement, and knew it would be perfect to do!!

What I used was: OPI What's With The Cattitude? & Essie Mesmerize. I also used my trusty little detail brush.

This is the photo that started it all off.. Well, a photo of a photo.. Anyways.

And there, you can watch all the magic take place!

I also have been scoping out different blogs doing the 'What's In My Purse Tag' - and I really had to wash mine yesterday, so I figured it would be fun to do that because I had to empty it anyways. Now, I spared all the random receipts that were in there.. And I present to you: the contents of my bag!

I actually forgot to take a picture of my bag.. But seriously, it is the most boring and huge bag ever. It is plain black cloth and I cannot find anything to take its place. I have this thing about the length of straps. Ugh. Maybe when I'm out and about today, I will find a replacement. Also note my wallet.. I desperately need a new one! That bad boy is probably 7 years old. I buy new wallets, switch over, then switch back. Sick. I have also found out that I have a sickly obsession with lip products.. I know, compared to some it is nothing, but here is the problem: I never use them. Other than the blistex and lip smackers. AWKward. Or, I remember to apply some when I first leave the house and then not again for the rest of the time I am out. I will have to just pack a few back in to my bag and go with that.

I also just wanted to share these quickly. My sister was in Calgary a couple weekends ago for a Bachelorette party.. They went to the zoo and the zebras were actually outside for once. I sobbed when she bbm'd a photo to me. BUT! She bought me that adorable zebra necklace! Yay! And an added bonus is the gorgeous green and gold leaf necklace. She knows me all too well.

That is all for now. I have some fun news coming up for you all on Monday.. So, have a great day and weekend and I will talk to you all soon!!

EDIT: I just wanted to address this comment now.. Instead of waiting for my next entry.. Anyways..
"hey, love the look, but is there a reason you don't clean up the imperfections before you take the finished look photo? they sell these nail corrector pens which are very handy. or like.. a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover works just as well. the look would be so much more complete without the random little specs of nail polish on your fingers.

keep up the great work!"

The reason I don't, usually, is because I'm just excited to post up what I have done. Sometimes I do take the time to clean up my nails/cuticles, but, those products are extremely taxing on my mitts. I already have excruciatingly dry eczema-y hands, so the less harsh I have to be with them, the happier I am. Also, I find that it seems "fake" to me. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that people take the time to do clean up, but that doesn't seem real to me. I am just strange, this I know. Don't worry, I have my bottle of acetone and paint brush for clean up purposes, I just try to let the warm water from the shower do its trick so I don't have to do damage to my hands. Thanks for your concern about the looks of my completed manis!

  • FOREVER `92 - Thankies! I figured the yellow background would be kind of fun (:
  • rebecca - Haha, glad you're ok with it! My wallet isn't so happy about it though!!
  • Tierney - Yay! Thank you!!
  • Minty - Glad you like it - and thanks, I figure if I have the time to film them up, might as well share them!!
  • Miki - Thanks - I figured I could toss in some fun!!
  • Claire - You really should! It gets a lot of attention!! Haha, I know I really should wear them, I mean, they are provided to me at work, but they are annoying and I drop everything.. 
  • Meeka - Ouu, thank you so much! I will go check that out asap!! Yeah, steel wool can be quite the jerk!!
  • chicnight - I did the ring finger on one hand (first one) and was like 'everyone does this.. need to do something different' and index it was! Thank you!!

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