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Sponsored Giveaway Time!!


I know that this is primarily a nail polish blog – and that is always going to be my main focus – but, we all know that along with nail polish, I am also a huge make-up advocate. It is through these avenues that I was contacted by a company that works alongside Apothica, SkinCare RX & Skinbotanica. They are working with me to bring something awesome to all of you – a gift card giveaway!!!

One of the brands that Apothica carries is DuWop.. I personally have tried two different products from this line and loved them! I have tried Lip Venom & Cheek Venom in Sidewinder. I have to say, I was a bit of a skeptic on Lip Venom, but I finally picked it up to test it out – and it really does make your lips more plump!! The tingly feeling that it leaves is kind of fun as well.

I am going to snag this little blurb from the Apothica website to share a bit more of the history of DuWop:

 “DuWop Natural, Yet Glamorous Cosmetics
Created out of the needs and desires of T.V. stars on a hit show in 1998, DuWop is a line of cosmetics that addresses your longings for luscious lips, smooth, flawless skin, and enviable, youthful-looking eyes. Founded by makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci, DuWop Cosmetics seeks to give you the products missing from the current market that will forever change the way you see makeup.

Inspired by the full, pouty lips actors had after passionate kissing scenes, Bartolucci created a lip gloss that would mimic this bee-stung effect. DuWop lip plumpers are the first of their kind. The Lip Venom super sizes the pout through the use of natural essential oils instead of harsh or irritating ingredients.”

The gift card is worth $25 – which you can use to just spend the $25, or it can be used to help cut down the cost of a larger purchase (this is usually how I use my gift cards!!)

Now the super fun ‘How Do I Enter?’ part!! There are a few different ways to go about this and get you some extra entries!!

Option 1: Facebook
  • 1.      Visit
  • 2.      Write on Apothica’s Facebook wall about what you think of Apothica
  • Bonus: Opt in to Apothica’s Newsletter
Option 2: Twitter
  • 1.      Visit
  • 2.      Tweet about Apothica on your own Twitter Account
  • Bonus: Retweet Apothica’s tweet about this giveaway
Option 3: Blog
  • 1.      Visit
  • 2.      Write something on your blog about what you think of Apothica
  • Bonus: Write about the brand I highlighted and link it to Apothica

Now, you can use any of these options (or all of them) but please remember to leave me links in the comments section so that I can check out what you’ve done and can add in your entry.. You can actually have up to 6 entries in the giveaway – so get the word out and it could net you a lovely $25 gift card!!

EDIT: Giveaway winner will be announced on Monday,  July 11th. You have until Sunday, July 10th to enter!!


Zara said…
When does this giveaway end?

I wrote on Apothica's FB wall as Zara Petkovic.

I receive Apothica's newsletter at
Angie B said…
I tweeted about apothica on my account (@angiewith3)!/angiewith3/status/85510555112185856

angiewith3 at live dot com
Kim D. said…
I posted on their FB wall
mom22girlz at ymail dot com
Kim D. said…
I signed up for Apothica’s Newsletter.
Kim D. said…
I tweeted on my Twitter account!/mom22girlz/status/85594003826941952
Kim D. said…
I retweeted their tweet!/mom22girlz/status/85594491351863296
Anonymous said…
I wrote on their FB wall:!/kathrinarose/posts/10150228413693063

I am opted in to receive their newsletters.

I tweeted about them:!/kittypolishnbag/status/84300652251054080

kathyteo at yahoo . com
amramazon280 said…
visited & tweeted about apothica!/pinoysugarplum/status/86150657886793729
amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com
amramazon280 said…
RT apothica tweet about this giveaway
amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com!/apothica/status/85374374131138561
amramazon280 said…
like apothica on fb & left a comment
amramazon280 AT yahoo DOT com
amramazon280 said…
gfc follower @adelle
amramazon280 At yahoo DOT com
FB Sugar Plum
Twitter Pinoysugarplum
Erin said…
I tweeted at!/ErinErinP/status/86956485438996480

erinpiker at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
Hi, I posted on Apothica's FB wall here:
And I subscribe to their newsletter.
Thanks so much for the giveaway!
maddiemb {at} comcast (dot) net
bambakibeauty said…
Hi from Spain!!

Option 2: Twitter

- I tweeted about Aphotica here:!/bambaki83/status/88673431234682880

- Bonus: I retweet Apothica’s tweet about this giveaway here:!/apothica/status/85374374131138561

Anutka said…
Thanks for the nice giveaway :)

I follow apothica on Twitter and FB



Kittenish said…
I wrote on Apothica's facebook wall.

kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com
Kittenish said…
I opted in to Apothica's newsletter.
kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com
Kittenish said…
I tweeted about Apothica.!/kittenishcutie/status/89556837720010752

kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com
Kittenish said…
I retweeted Apothica's tweet about this giveaway.

kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com
peripatetic33 said…
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
i visited Apothica
i left a message on their facebook wall as peripatetic Thirtythree
i have opted in to Apothica's newsletter

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