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Revlon Giveaway


Yaaaay! I am really excited to do this for all of you!

I really appreciate all of you following me and commenting on my posts - it is amazing! So, I figured it was time to give back a bit.

Now, this isn't a monster giveaway that I want to do - that will come sometime later. I have it all planned in my mind - BUT - until then, you'll have to put up with this!

I picked up 3 polishes from the new Revlon collection the other day and really wanted to grab extras to giveaway, but the store was sold out of one of the colours after I bought it, and so, that thought was quickly squashed.

Then, this evening, I ran in to another shop quickly - and they had a whole wealth of them - bingo! Giveaway time!

The colours are: Starry Pink, Blue Mosaic & Facets of Fuchsia

Supposedly FoF is a DL Bad Romance dupe. Sadly, I do not own that polish (I really, really wish I did) - but this polish is stunning - in fact, they all are!

This is actually rather fitting.. October is my favourite month.. So, I figure I can tie that in to how you all can enter. See if you're actually reading this (:

This is open to everyone as I always hate being shut-down in contest because I live in Canada - so everyone, enter!

Obviously I want your name and e-mail address. I also would like you to tell me about your favourite thing about October, or maybe you hate October - you can tell me about that as well - I would love to hear your thoughts on this month!! Annnd, if you want to mention this giveaway on your blog or twitter, have at it - but please let me know so I can give you an extra entry. That's it!

Contest closes on October 21!

Again, thank you all for showing me some excellent support through my venture of blogging!


lucy lu said…
wow, excellent giveaway! :D
i love walking to school in October kicking up all the leaves, making rustly, crunchy sounds under your feet! :D
my email address is :D
Kellyta said…
=D Thanks for the giveaway!
enter me please =)
I love october too.It´s not to hot here in Spain.

GFC: Kellyta
I post in my sidebar:

Laetitia ♥ said…
Oh, thanks for this giveaway!! This trio of Revlon are just so beautiful *.*
My GFC : Laetitia ♥
My mail : titiandbrit (@) hotmail (.) com
My tweet about your GA :!/Ka_ra_melle/status/122592812654014464
Well, I love October because there are some holidays at the end of the month^^ so I can relax!
Sosa07ac said…
I love the many colour in the nature and the leaves covering the streets. On the other hand I hate that it gets colder!

My GFC: sosa07ac
Name: Sonja
Unknown said…
Thanks for the giveaway, the blue one is totally awesome !
I love October cos it's my birthday ! And I really like all the halloween collections and the fall varnish colours that are launched in autumn !
Lorraine x
Martiandelights at
Laura said…
Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! My GFC is Laura and my email address is lauraclaireharvey at googlemail dot com
My favourite thing about October is the colour of autumn leaves. I love seeing them on the ground or still on trees when I walk and I love spotting them when I'm at work looking out the window. The colours are so pretty and they look amazing against a clear blue sky.
Dania Cioffi said…
Thanks for this giveaway!
Name: Dania
GCF: Miami Nails On The Cheap
Well right this minute in hating october this year because it has been raining nonstop here in Miami. I was planning on going nail shopping this weekend but I'm afraid my plans are ruined =(
Angie said…
=D Thanks for the giveaway!
enter me please =)
I love Fall too.It´s not to hot here in Barcelona (Spain).

GFC: Angie

peripatetic33 said…
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
my favorite thing about October is lower electric bill from not having to run the AC as much
Eva said…
ohhh, i love october because the weather is cooler but not too cold, where i live :)

those nail polishes are so pretty ! :O
thank you for this giveaway.

gfc: evil_eva12
name: Eva
email: evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com
Julieta said…
Thanks a lot for this giveaway, most because these Revlon's glitters dont't arrive yet in Argentina. I love October, first because I born in October, second because it's spring here and is my favorite season. My follower name is: amoreva accesorios (it's the name of the jewelry brand that I create and own); my name is Julieta and my mail is:
Crystal said…
I'm so sorry but october is not a good month for me :) all the holiday sweets enter the stores so my summer figure is ruined if i don't restrain myself lol :)

I like november better, i am always really early with x-mas decorating i love the glitter and sparkly lights, guess thats why i like glitter polish so much, i can hide in the x-mas tree and no one can tell ;)

You are on my blogroll
and on my crystaliciousss facebook page gfc crystaliciousss

have a great sunday and for you enjoy the month october :)
loberry said…
Just love october it's my Birthday month yeh
Love the look of these revlon polishes everyone if blogging about shame they are not in australian stores give away = perfect birthday surprise
Have a great month - spring here summer to look forward to
lauren said…
These polishes are so cute! Thank you for doing such an awesome giveaway, its very generous of you!

I love October as well! My mom's birthday is this month and we are very close! Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays, its alot of fun seeing the trick or treaters!

I would really like to win this nail polish for my mom! I am trying to put together a gift basket for her birthday, however, I am currently in college and don't have any extra money! It all goes to school or tutoring =/ My mom has been there for me through it all, she doesn't deserve anything less so I am hoping to giver her a wonderful birthday surprise!!

I tweeted by the way:!/summersunshine9/status/123064393771659264

Thank you so much & hope to hear from you soon,
Vedra said…
Hi! Please enter me too :)
My fav things about October are doing Halloween nailart, wearing shawls, and eating pumpkin soup (and this October I'm particularly looking forward to season 2 of The Walking Dead!). But I hate being cold, just had to turn on the heater yesterday!
GFC name: vedra
email: vedra(AT)
Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!
October is when I pull out those vampy/ freaky nail polish colours. When September rolled over, I didn't really want to switch out my summer shades yet, but October is Halloween shades all the way :)

My tweet:!/Sparkled_Beauty/status/123175957120028672
maria said…
I love Thanksgiving and Halloween. Great giveaway!!!
maria said…
I tweeted. @mariab76
lizzie said…
Hey, nice giveaway!

I follow as lizzie - GFC, my email is lizabethbarker(at)gmail(dot)com

I posted a link on the sidebar of my blog:

October is great because it has my birthday, my dad's birthday, and my favorite holiday - Halloween! There's cider, and apples are fresh and not all old and mealy!
Swååfie said…
Ooh, thanks for this opportunity :)
My GFC is Swååfie
My mail is sofieki at gmail dot com
I love October for many reasons! It's starts getting cold - I'm more a winter-kind-of-gal.. And the way the nature changes.. And october means a week fall-break here! .. and... haha
Pam said…
Pamela Hardy

My favorite thing in October is seeing the leaves change and starting to fall, beautiful
alex said…
fav thing in october is HALLOWEEN =D
gfc: alex
Minty said…
Name- Shaina
GFC- Minty
My favorite thing about October, besides the colors, is the Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks. OMG, it's so goooood.
I tweeted about this giveaway here:!/hautelacquer/status/124179126511869952
mich said…

The best thing about October would have to be Oktoberfest, cheers to that!
Pandora said…
Pandora Young
Pandoray at

Best thing about October is Halloween!
Sarah said…
Name: Sarah Crawford
Blog Post:

My favorite thing about October is the changing of seasons and Halloween which means lots of scary movies on TV! :)
Unknown said…
Hey thanks for the giveaway
Name: Michael
GFC: Nail Polish Anon
Unknown said…
name and GFC-Connie
Blogged here-
I love October with all the beautiful colored leaves and getting to get my sweaters and boots out of storage to wear and just enjoying the cool crisp air after suffering through the long hot hot summer.
Michelle said…
I love Halloween. Aside from being a candy fiend, I also love dressing up.

GFC: Michelle
Alta Infante said…
GFC name: Alta Infante
email: alta.infante(at)

October is just an OK month for me. nothing special but not so ordinary. I just love how i've managed to review for my board exam, and at the same time read on different blogs on beauty and fashion. :)
Shally said…
GFC: Shally
posted about giveaway:

my favorite thing about October is the spiced apple cider that comes out.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous giveaway, I been dying for these. My favorite thing about October is the weather and Halloween, of course. I love fall in general, but like you October is my favorite.

My GFC is Jennafroggy.
and I also tweeted:!/Jennafroggy/status/126179081300623360
Nicole said…
thanks for this great giveaway!

gfc: Nicole

i like october cos spring is finally here in aussie! love how the flowers are all out in full bloom. gorgeous!
Pretty said…
thanks for the giveaway.
gfc: pretty
email: pinknailblog at gmail com

hmm october is when it we actually get summer.. indian summer here in north california.. so i like that. my feet are tan now/much more brown
Blingernails said…
Oo lovely giveaway :)

GFC: Blingernails
Email: Michelle (at) blingernails (dot) come

I love October, the leaves are starting to turn lovely colours, the air is crisp and fresh on early morning walks and its the month of halloween.
Nailstyle said…
GFC: Nailstyle

I love October, because here in NZ it's spring and it means that summer is only a few months away!

Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
Kvacka said…
Hi! I love your giveaway! :)
October is OK to me, but it's getting really cold now and I prefer summer months over this one. :)
I follow you as Kvacka via GFC and my email is
Thanks! =))
Thanks for the lovely giveaway ^^
My favourite thing about October is being able to eat chestnuts! And the cool weather too.

GFC: peppermint_fairy
I tweeted about the giveaway:!/azurepersephone/status/126257687280353280
carrotspeaks said…
I love when October has those warm days that's not rainy nor cold. I also like the candy from Halloween lol.
gfc: lovecarrot
Emily said…
I just became your 300th follower! Congrats lady!!

gfc- Emily

Fall is my favorite season. I live in New England, so we have beautiful foliage. Fall car rides to get pumpkins and apple cider are my favorite.
Lulu said…
I prefer summer) But October is a nice month -it's not cold yet and the leaves are so colorful and nice...
GFC: Lulu
JQ said…
October is my favorite month because it begins with my Birthday and ends with Halloween. Partayyyyy. :P

fibreofmybeing at gmail dot com

Thanks for having this giveaway! I love sparklies!
hermetic said…
Nice giveaway, thanks!
I follow as hermetic, email is hermetic2003 at yahoo dot com
I love October because there is this special smell of fall in the air, and because of roasted chestnuts that are in season here ;)
Cass said…
GFC: Cass
Email: chuoqiu at gmail dot com

I like the foliage but hate the cold weather, and of course midterms.
Thanks for this great giveaway!
GFC: CYBELLE!/CybelleWicca/status/126342216225521664
I like October (here in Brazil) because the weather is so good, not too cold not too hot...
Yasinisi said…

GFC: Yasinisi
Tweet link:!/Yasinisi/status/126349051334631424

As for October, I do not like it at all.. It's already cold here in Poland and it rains quite often. I am the kind of person that loves summer, and temperatures above 20 C, so October is definitely not my favourite month ;)
funkiichiicka said…
GFC: funkiichiicka
Tweeted about the giveaway:!/waitupforJLSxo/status/126357098534666241

I'm not a big fan of October (sorry). I think it's mainly because I hate halloween lol.

Thanks for the giveaway! X
Wonderful giveaway!

I follow as GFC Sarah and email sarahkwoodall at gmail dot com.

What I like about October is that it reminds me of when I met my boyfriend last fall and always makes me smile to think of it.
Sleepy Beauty said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sleepy Beauty said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sleepy Beauty said…
GFC Bebe
I love October because it's my birthday month and also Childrens' Day in Singapore. I'm really happy that I can celebrate it with all the young kids, making me feel young again.

At the same time, October is a very sad month for me cos' my beloved Big Head, my most loveable cat passed away 11 days after my birthday.

Blog sidebar

Hope u can enter my giveaway too
Unknown said…
Nice colors
GFC NAME faiza1388
My favorite thing about octoberr is the birthday of my 3 friends and 3 nephew and nieces (all in october) :) also i love the fresh winter veggies which come into the market near this time
Sally said…
Best thing about October would be that it's my dad's birthday!
Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
I follow you via GFC as Adela

I twitted:!/ynocenta/status/126631061475176448

My favourite thing about October is my bff birthday party!

Email: adelavoinea[at]yahoo[dot]com
GFC: CasandraEileen

I love fall for its feel, its colors, its weather, ITS POLISH COLLECTIONS, pumpkins holidays you name it I love it. Fall is the most amazing season, everything is so right in Fall.
naudii beautii said…
I love october mainly because its my bday month! 10/10 =] but other then that i like october cause thats when the leaves change colors and start fallin onto the street i think its just beautiful =]
gfc-naudii beautii
jessnghc said…
GFC: jessnghc
i love october coz this is my 2 sisters birthday months and i love them so much...we have a celebration not long ago~~~

Stevista said…
They look gorgeous!! :) I neither love nor hate October, but this year I actually love it, because we finally painted the walls of my room and it looks awesome now!! :D

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
E-mail :
I also posted mentioned your giveaway here :

Thank you so much :)
deelirium said…
Duhhh, the best thing about October is costumes and candy!!

name: deelirium
d at thedeelirium dot com

tweeted at:!/deelirium/status/126782474939400193
tracey said…
Halloween and my daughter and sister both are Halloween babies!
GFC tracey arredondo
traceysnails (@) yahoo (.) com
Jacky said…
GFC Name: EugenieV

I love October for the smells and the beautiful leaves and the crisp air. But I hate it because I know winter's coming. I guess you can't have it both ways, huh? ;)

Thanks for the giveaway!
bambakibeauty said…
Hi from Spain!!

I love October because the autumm is my favourite time and its halloween and this year maybe I can be a vampire :P

GFC name: bambaki83
Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

Shared on twitter:!/bambaki83/status/127144573813276672

BabiixGirl said…
GFC: BabiixGirl

What I love about October? The crisp leaves under my shoes, and of course.. HALLOWEEN!
Unknown said…
GFC - nail polish anon

I love that it starts to get warm again! Bring on Summer - all the extra Halloween lollies are pretty sweet too
Oana said…
GFC: Oana

email: oana [dot] catalyna [at] yahoo [dot] com

For me, October is the month that marks the beginning of my academic studies. I am in my last year, so I guess this was my last October of school... I wonder what October will mean to me from now on. Maybe Halloween, it's a pity our country doesn't celebrate it the way it should be celebrated.

Mango said…
hiii!! thank u 4 this cool giveaway :) the colors are awesomeeeeeeeeeeee
i love october cause halloween! i love to party and also costumes, especially cosplay
Name: Janice
GFC: Mango
post blog :
kisses! and good luck :)
yellas_closet said…
My favorite thing about October is the cool weather, the trees changing color and Halloween. I love to hand out candy to the kids and see their different costumes.

GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog

I'm hoping I'm not to late. =)
Irina said…
I have an undying love for the sun, warmth, beach and hot weather, so October is not exactly my dream month. However, I still like the days when it's sunny, but cool, and I can smell the cool and crisp air in the morning, while walking through a park.
I follow via gfc as irina and my email address is
S Carter said…
My fave thing this Oct is walking in the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk

scarter305 at aol dot com
Anonymous said…
Any winner yet?
Delainie said…
Actually, Anonymous, if you look up a couple posts later - I announced 2 winners. Actually, I had to go through 4 people to get in contact with 2 of them.

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