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Neon Splatter

I am going to preface this by saying that I love this idea - thanks to my BFF Gordo! Then I'm going to add that Ben ruined my nails on my regular photo-taking hand. You get a photo of my rarely seen right hand.. and it is rough as that hand looks severely beaten up compared to my "good" hand.. Is that weird? Anyways.. Obviously these are a good 3 times brighter in real life. I didn't end up hanging out with the BFF this evening, and now these are probably going to have to come off - BUT - I will be doing these again soon. They are actually fun.. And the whole splatter nail deal is fun now.. So messy and excellent. I used a base of Orly White Out , followed with the splatter activity of China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy , Shocking Pink , and In The Lime Light . See you all again soon - and have a great day/night/whenever you happen to be reading this.

12 Days of The Hunger Games: DAY 1

Oooh opening daaaaaay!! I am extremely jealous of all of you that will be enjoying this today (or those of you that got to view a midnight showing..) I had planned to go opening night.. But I am out of my city til Sunday.. Then I'm going to go see this gem of a movie.. I CANNOT WAIT! So.. We have seen 11 of the 12 polishes from the collection.. 1 left.. Which one is it? Well, in what I used it in, you can hardly tell, but, you have to believe me: the colour is stunning! It is China Glaze Smoke & Ashes .. And seriously.. STUNNING! Green flecks of activity.. So pretty! Of course I had to sort of galaxy-it-up.. after using that beautiful polish as my base, I sponged on some Nails Inc Special Effects in Connaught Square , and some Orly Bubbly Bombshell , and Orly White Out .. I'm not going to lie.. I love these.. And this will be what I sport while away.. I hope everyone enjoyed these 12 days.. And is enjoying the movie! Or will do so soon (: Thanks for hanging aroun

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 2

Pop quiz time my doves.. You have to be me, and if you've been following me for awhile, you should get this.. I see this colour on my nails and I need to DO something with it.. What do I do? I think I can hear some of you shouting the correct answer.. Oh yeah, I snakeskin it.. Of course! I used China Glaze Agro as the base, followed with some stamping (BM plate 215) of WnW Black Creme and Orly Glitz .. I'm not going to lie.. I love this.. And I think it will be something I sport.. A lot! Day 1 tomorrow.. And the official opening day of the movie.. For those keeping track.. What polish will it be tomorrow?? EDIT: I just wanted to mark this day as a bit of a downer. I'm out of town at the moment.. And received a phone call around noon today from the mother.. My sweet little baby rabbit (Lakai), was put down this afternoon. I still call her a baby, yet she, along with her remaining siblings, just turned 8 years old. In a way I'm glad I wasn't home at th

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 3

Okay.. So.. These gems are based off of this video that my good pal Porter posted on my FB the other day. In my mind, I saw this really good interpretation using Stone Cold.. What I ended up with wasn't really that great.. BUT.. I have to share it anyways as I ran out of time and couldn't do any other looks using this colour before I left the city.. So.. Be gentle! Again, in my mind: way cooler! It just.. And the.. and.. well, as you can see.. Some things just don't work out sometimes. I used China Glaze Stone Cold , China Glaze Lemon Fizz , and Orly Glitz . Bring on day 2.. please! It is much, much better.. I promise!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 4

Ok, this is going to be kind of a big statement coming from me.. BUT.. This is a polish colour that I would actually wear all on its own! Though I should side note it all and say: it is a colour I would wear all on its own IF I like the whole nude nail look. Yes, I know, this colour has some awesome glitter/shimmer to it, but it is still so.. creepy in my opinion. Or I would use it with some subtle stamping, which is what I was going for - if only the green would have shown up more! I had wanted to draw some vines and that on my hands, but I was trying to spend some time with the rabbit - and thank you for all the well wishing! She is.. well, not very good. But, I really do appreciate all the kind words in the comments, you guys are all awesome! I used China Glaze Fast Track , then stamped using konad m76 and OPI Jade Is The New Black . See you all for day 3!!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 5

Oooh China Glaze Riveting .. Now, I have always kind of been a closet sucker for orange polish - and this is no exception! It is so.. sizzly? Can I say that? Well, that is how I would describe it! I also had to include the wash-out-ish flash photo so up the awesome factor for this polish. It really is stunning. I had remembered a mani I had posted using China Glaze Lighthouse and this stamp (BM 224) and wanted to do that with this polish. Then I had to toss on some gems for extra fun. Oh, and I do apologize if anyone can see the hairs in that photo.. One of our pet's is currently extremely ill.. I was petting her before I took the photos.. Took the photos and came to edit them now - with my nails polish free - and noticed the hairs. Grr! So, again, I'm sorry! See you all again for Day 4!!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 6

I knew that in order to use China Glaze Luxe & Lush , I had to layer it over a polish.. A black? A white? Something else.. Ah yes, something else from my untried stash. A blue. China Glaze First Mate , yes, that would work perfectly! I actually really did enjoy this combo. I had also read on some boards that people were complaining that Luxe & Lush was too 'sparse' - I must have either got some intensely packed bottle or something as this - what you're looking at - is one coat. It seems pretty packed with activity to me.. Who knows! Have a great day - and I'll see you all for Day 5!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey everyone! I just wanted to get these posted up real quick so I wouldn't forget. I was going to go with some Shamrock nails again, just like last year.. BUT.. We are also celebrating one of my good friend's birthday tonight as well (her birthday (today) is seriously a great fit for her!!) - so I decided to do tuxedo nails green-style. No, I don't feel I did that great of a job.. They are kind of rushed.. But I will try these gems again some time and do a much, much better job! I used Butter London British Racing Green , Orly White Out , and China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses . Anyways, I better go and finish getting ready! I hope everyone had a great Saturday and a great St. Patrick's Day - and celebrate safely (:

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 7

Good old Day 7.. And good old China Glaze Harvest Moon . I really did not know what to do with this gem.. I just dropped some black nail polish on to some paper (WnW Black Creme), grabbed a mechanical pencil, and did this. No rhyme or reason, just did some swirls. Not very great swirls at that - but hey! It is late and I lack creativity at this moment! Also.. The name of this polish makes me want to go play Harvest Moon 64. I might just have to.. Have a great day - and I'll see you all for Day 6!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 8

Day 8.. Now, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do here.. I slapped on some China Glaze Dress Me Up and I had grabbed a bunch of colours and I was going to floral it all up.. But no, that wasn't really what I wanted. So I put on another quick coat of Dress Me Up and dotted on some OPI Stranger Tides .. But dots wasn't what I wanted either.. So I used my dotting tool (from BornPretty ) and started to swirl the dots. The results: I actually really like this. It is marble-esque without me failing horribly at water marbling! Yes! It also has a kind of smokey look.. Ok, I really, really like this. See you all for Day 7!!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 9

Ok, so, Day 9.. And my Konad q1  plate showed up.. So of course I had to incorporate it.. I used China Glaze Foie Gras as the base, followed by Orly Glitz used with the stamp. I kind of chuckled after. I used the 'goodies' stamp and it is The Hunger Games.. Ok, maybe I'm the only one that will chuckle at that. On a side note.. I cannot wait to use the expletive out of that plate. It is ridiculously cute!! See you all for Day 8!!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 10

Day 10.. A colour that I thought I would hate as it is one of those finishes that shows EVERY brush stroke.. And.. I don't hate it at all. It is a stunning steel colour.. I want to say 'gun metal'.. But I have never seen a gun irl, so, I cannot make that connection.. But in my mind I would say it is a gun metal colour. After painting it on.. I was going to stamp to hide the brush stroke marks.. But figured a glitter gradient would be more fun. I also added in that darker photo.. I like how it makes the whole thing look. And I'm not going to lie.. I kept stealing glances at my nails during work today. I thought they looked really pretty! I used China Glaze Hook & Line followed with the glittery goodness of China Glaze CG in the City. See you back for day 9!!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 11

For day 11.. I went with Mahogany Magic.. It is so much nicer than I originally thought. I was trying to figure out what I should do with it.. Then I just grabbed a wealth of browns and went with a look I remember seeing in a nail art magazine before.. I included that overly bright photo because it shows the colours a bit better. My camera freaked out and used flash.. And I thank it for doing so! I used OPI My Private Jet , then some paint strokes of China Glaze Mahogany Magic , OPI Over The Taupe , and Essie Little Brown Dress . I then used a little paint brush and some Orly White Out for the distorted cheetah/leopard activity. See you on day 10!!

12 Days of The Hunger Games: Day 12

Yes.. My official countdown to the movie release date has begun.. And, as a way to aid in this countdown, I will use each one of the 12 polishes from the China Glaze 'Capitol Colours' collection. Now, originally I said I would go in order of how often I felt I would use the polish.. That is now incorrect. SO. These are now going to be in no particular order.. Because.. After I use each one.. I love it more. It is so strange.. But I shouldn't have judged them before actually owning them.. That was my first mistake! Anyways, on to the post.. This almost feels Halloween-y to me.. Which is great, as I freaking love Halloween. That was a necessary statement to include. I used Orly Liquid Vinyl as the base, then followed up with some lines of OPI A Roll In The Hague , and China Glaze Electrify. On a side note - this glitter is crazy dense. Yes, I did just say 'crazy dense'. You'd be able to almost fully cover your nail in 2 coats. For some reason I always

China Glaze The Hunger Game Capitol Colours Collection

This. Post. Could. Not. Wait! I had originally planned to post up some other new stuff I got the other day and the nails that I did with one of the newly acquired colours.. BUT! When I picked up this package today and saw it was my order from Nail Polish Canada , I knew that post was going to be put on a back burner. Okay, first, I have to make a confession. When I did see the swatches for these gems online.. I wasn't overly thrilled. I just knew I'd be ordering them all anyways because I loved the book series so much.. I know, a sad reason to have a bunch of polish that you aren't overly excited about. In this case, however, I am really glad for my inexplicable reason to own them all. They. Are. All. BEAUTIFUL! I did some swatching on a nail wheel to post up.. I mean, they do not do these bad boys justice, and for that I truly am sorry. THEN! I had a moment of sheer genius. There are 12 colours.. And just over 12 days before the movie comes out.. PAPOW.. I can do a

Pop Art Camo

I have to give a quick "shout-out" to my 'BFF' Court on this one.. I think she has named a few of my posts throughout my blog-life, and I like when she gets to see my nails before I post them up - she comes up with great names. Thanks sport! I stumbled across this photo and traced it back to this tumblr and loved the idea of it. Of course I had to give it a whirl. Now, I feel like I apologize far too often for the quality of my photos, and today will be no different. When I got home Saturday night, I knew I should take a quick photo of them before I forgot and I had to work the next morning, which means they will be ruined.. All the photos I took were blurry, but I did not notice until now.. I may have been a little discombobulated on Saturday evening. Well worth it though. Moving on.. I used Color (it took me a few times to write that without a 'u') Club Nomadic Nude , OPI Who The Shrek Are You? , Orly Liquid Vinyl , and China Glaze Rich & Famous

Splatter Nails

AKA a very thin line separating good and terribad. I swear this type of nail art is almost as elusive to me as water marbling. They don't seem like they would be that difficult, then I give them a whirl and basically fail. Yet I really do like the look of both.. Some year I will get the hang of it all!! As you can see, I messed up quite badly, especially on my middle and ring fingers. The other three, I liked. I also liked what was going on on my right hand, but I forgot to take the photos before heading out to bowling last night.. My thumb nail is ripped and torn up.. Cannot show! BUT I can tell you that there is really only one fail nail on that hand.. I based the colours I used off this photo - and the colours I used were: Orly Liquid Vinyl as the base, followed with some Zoya Pippa , OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue , and Orly White Out . Sorry, I forgot to snap a bottle shot! I guess I am going to have to go remove this polish and head back to the drawing board for something