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Review & Swatch: Rainbow Honey - The Equestria Collection Pt. 1

I figured it was finally time for me to attempt to start doing some swatch and review type posts.. My untried stash is starting to get out of control! I for see this as a way to help with that.. Hopefully? Anyways!

I feel that I have something SUPER AWESOME to share with you all today.. A friend (Hi Collette! - if you read this) had posted something about this brand in our birthday group.. Of course I had to go and see what she was talking about.. I was basically blown away - this collection looked amazing - and I'm a complete impulse buyer, so I immediately ordered the full collection, in minis. That was, what I feel, a mistake.

These gems arrived to me today. Ok, first off.. I have to say, I am kind of impressed with the packaging - I have yet to come across any company that does this.. Each polish was in its own little labelled box - and the box has a heart cutout to display the polish. I legitimately heard my heart gasp with delight. Seriously.

Also included is a really nice "flyer" with information about the collection.. and this is no thrown together piece of work.. This is nicely printed out.. I am a sucker for little details like the packaging and this pamphlet - A+ for sure!

Another thing I get good vibes off of - the founder and chief designer is named 'Dee'. Are you feeling the vibes of goodness?? It also says that "Dee has drawn her inspirations from 1990's video games, Japanese festivals, and kids' TV shows." You had me at 1990's video games.

Ok, I could make a whole post about this pamphlet alone, so allow me to start sharing some of the collection with you.

Please note the aforementioned packaging.. Le sigh.

I decided to swatch these in the order that the pamphlet has them in.. So up first we have Celestia - "Inspired by Princess Celestia. A sheer, sky blue polish filled with bursts [of] multichromatic shimmer and opalescent flakes, turning every color into something new."

For all the swatches you will see, I followed a specific routine:
Pinky = 1 coat
Ring = 2 coats
Middle = 3 coats
Index = 1 coat over a base
Thumb = 2 coats over a base

Celestia was based over OPI What's With The Cattitude?

Here we have A Little Kindness - "Inspired by Fluttershy/ Rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters float in a delicate and soft yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer."

I immediately thought about a gold base (Orly Glitz) when I first start applying to my pinky.. It kind of doesn't do this shade justice.. Must try over a safe colour - like black!

Here is Pinkie Promise - "Inspired by Pinkie Pie. A fun and shimmery pink base filled with hex and tinsel glitter in magenta, light blue, and gold - this polish calls for a party!"

Of the four that I have swatched today.. This was hands down my favourite! I feel it would build up nicely on its own by coat 5.. But over that pink (China Glaze Sugar High) it really comes alive.. It really is a party-tastic polish and I am very in like with it!

Lastly, we have 20% Cooler - "Inspired by Rainbow Dash, a shimmery and sheer light blue base with a veritable rainbow of glitter that promises to make any old manicure at least 20% Cooler."

I feel like this polish is the one I have heard the most about.. Yet, as of right now, it is the one I like the least? And I mean, I like all that I have worked with today (err.. yesterday.. when you're reading this today.. make sense?) I think I should have paired it with What's With The Cattitude as well and it would probably be muchos more amazing.. Actually, it would be 20% Cooler! Groan.

I will have four more to share with you tomorrow.. I am not even going to lie.. I wish I was legitimately not feeling well so I could stay home from work and get these all swatched up.. But sadly I'm feeling good - dangit (:

You can check out these at - and I think I can already suggest picking these gems up! I recently acquired some jelly polish and I feel like these would make a jelly sandwich even better! See you all again tomorrow!


Unknown said…
Well Dee, I personally like, a little kindness, the best, myself, but then I'm a leo.
Delainie said…
Haha - but of course! I do quite like that one as well! It is tough, every time I look at them, I like another one more and more. Ohh nail polish!!

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