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Sticks 'n Stones GIVEAWAY!

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to post up a quick announcement about a little giveaway I'm doing..

I am going to tie it in to two things, but technically it will just be one.. I'll explain!

I recently hit 400 followers and wanted to have a giveaway to celebrate that - aka celebrate all of you being completely awesome and following my nail polish endeavours! But the things I wanted to include in my giveaway keep being unavailable to me.. Except for Cover Band's Sticks 'n Stones and that is only because when I had ordered my bottle, I ordered a second to giveaway.. ALSO.. I decided to .com my blog. I had talked about it with my dad (he actually talks about how when he googles my name now my blog shows up and how he sees the images some times and that he thinks I'm awesome) and I declared: when I hit 400 followers, I'm going to .com it up! So I did.

SO! While I say this is to celebrate both of these marvelous things, I still want to have a more.. substantial giveaway at some point.. I'm already collecting.. But this gem is sitting in my drawer and it needs a good home!

Who: You!
What: A chance to win a bottle of an awesome nail polish!
Where: Uh, on my blog?
When: Starts today (July 17) and goes until July 24th at 12:00am EST
Why: Because I want to!
How: Enter using this rad rafflecopter widget below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, this giveaway is open to everyone.. I always hated when it was closed off to certain people - so, enjoy!!


Unknown said…
I'd probably use it over china glaze shocking pink neon !
I want to try a navy blue underneath. Congrats on the +400 and the .com :)
Leanne said…
Heyy congrats girl! I've been a follower of yours since the very beginning, thrilled to see your blog growing so well :-)

I am DYING to try this over an electric blue!
Jessica said…
Congrats on hitting 400!! If i'd pair it with anything, it would be a bright orange or blue.. or maybe a blue & orange gradient!
Rainbowify Me said…
I'd pair it with Icing "Power to the pink". I'm sure that would be awesome!
Michelle said…
Congratulations on hitting the 400 mark, and on the .com! :)
Vedra said…
I think it'll look good with OPI You don't know Jacques :)
FrugallyMe said…
Congrats! I'd pair it with Revlon "Royal"!
Kvacka said…
I'd pair this polish with Color Club Gossip Column! <3
Thank you and congrats! =))
Kalee said…
I would pair this with a bright hot pink like Essie Pink Parka or a blue like Sally Hansens Pacific Blue. <333
Anonymous said…
I'd do all my nails black except for my ring would be white & then top it off with sticks & stones (=
Unknown said…
I would top it over my light pastel pink nailpolish
I'd use a bright pink like borghese raspberry sorbetto!
Unknown said…
what about pairing it with OPI Dating a Royal? Congratulations also on the massive milestone
Loki Made It said…
anything that is hot pink!!!!!!
Unknown said…
I'd want to add a twist to it and I'd pair it with Model's Own, Hedonist :).

Thank you for the giveaway! xx
Congrats on 400 followers and your .com! :D
I think I'd pair it with Ciate Jelly Bean or Nails Inc Warwick Way... So many combinations to try!
Awesome giveaway, thank you!

kellyskolors said…
I'd pair this with OPI Fly or a light Lilac colour
Vix said…
Congratulations on your followers!!

Ooooh there are so many choices of what to do with this polish!

I think I'd first try it over an AEngland Avalon and hmmmm er... a millon choices gradient :-D

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