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These Nails Are Bananas - Take: Blue!

I saw that someone pinned my Banana Nails the other day. I loved seeing them again. I had forgotten about them. Queue to Saturday afternoon. I was searching around the internet for some yellow nail inspiration.. I just really wanted yellow nails.. and I wasn't set on any particular idea. Then I stumbled across this POST and I was like 'oommmgggggg Banana nails with a BLUE background.. YEX!!!' So I did them, immediately. I used OPI No Room For The Blues as a base, then I went on to use two yellows for the bananas: Butter London Cheeky Chops & Joe Fresh Butter , then I used some Orly Liquid Vinyl for the black details. I love these sosososososo much. Who wouldn't be jazzed about life to have bananas on their fingers?! See you all later!!

That Bloody Wallpaper

I did these last year based off of these nails from Sonoma Nail Art - which I am obsessed with. I seriously waited a whole year before I attempted them again. Now. Some things happened that I didn't like.. but.. I still like them better than my attempt last year. Bring on Halloween of '13 - I'll be ready!! Ok. What happened. I used a straw for some splatter activity.. and.. it annihilated my index and pinky finger. It was most upsetting. BUT. Then I realized.. it is kind of neat. I mean.. blood wouldn't always make a neat splatter pattern.. sometimes it is in pools.. it works. I used Color Club Nomadic In Nude, Wet n Wild Black Creme with konad plate m73, China Glaze With Love, and Color Club Red-ical Gypsy. Oh, and those cuticle areas were never coming clean. Red polish is a gem, but it is a beast to me. Until next year bloody wallpaper nails, until next year!!

Glitter All The Way First Mate!

Hey everyone! I ordered a polish (or four.. cough..) from the China Glaze Holiday collection.. and I know we aren't even through "Halloween" yet, but I really wanted to use this particular gem. So I did.. I do what I want!! Anyways. I painted a base of China Glaze First Mate on all of my nails (side note: I really, really love this polish! It is almost perfect in one coat.. and the colour is just so lovely and rich. Le sigh), I left it as is on my ring and pinky. Then I used two coats of China Glaze Glitter All The Way (I really want to say 'Jingle All The Way' ala Arnold's CLASSIC holiday movie!). GATW has red, green, gold, and purple glitter.. so I figured it would pair perfectly with a navy-esque blue. I feel I was correct. See you all later!!

This Is Halloween: Gradient

Hey everyone! As soon as I saw this on the challenge, I immediately thought "candy corns!!!!".. so that is exactly what I did. I didn't use my typical sponge-on method. I knew I had a fan brush somewhere, and I wanted to do that - but, of course, in its moment of need it is no where to be found! I then decided to try that cosmetic sponge method. HATED IT. But I still got a some-what decent look out of it.. Just much more messy. Awwwe well. I painted a base of China Glaze White On White, then I painted stripes of polish on the sponge. The colours I used are: Butter London Cheeky Chops (yellow), Essie Orange, It's Obvious!, and China Glaze White on White. Again, it didn't give me the exact look that I wanted, but that is all right. I will survive. They look fun anyways. Remember to check out the other challenge participants!!

This Is Halloween: Bats

Hey everyone! Sorry I am a bit late on this one.. I haven't been at the computer too much since Thursday.. so I didn't get a chance to post these up for Friday.. forgiveness please!! Also. I hate these nails. I had no inspiration for them.. and I didn't feel like doing black bats.. so.. I just did some Zombie Zest bats.. and not very well, might I add! The base is China Glaze Trendsetter and the bats are China Glaze Zombie Zest. That is all! Make sure you check out the other awesome gals taking part in this challenge!!

This Is Halloween: Zombies

Hey everyone! I am really, really, REALLY excited to share my gross zombie nails with you for this day of the Challenge. I viewed the awesome nails (and subsequent tutorial) from The Daily Nail - I knew immediately that I had to try that out at some point in time.. and zombie nails seemed like the perfect time to do so. I didn't get mine as squishy as hers.. so there wasn't as much wrinkling.. THEN I had a great idea.. I would legitimately press on my nails at lift polish and peel it and make it look gross. Totally worked to what I wanted.. Here goes.. I had to wrestle around with some dirt before snapping photos.. I feel like it added to the zombie effect.. I mean.. if I'm a zombie, washing my mitts is not something that I really care about anymore. I love these gross gems! Actually, my sister has requested that I do these for her nails on Halloween. The only thing I don't really like.. Is my pinky. I added too much of the puke-y green.. maybe that nail

This Is Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

Hey everyone! Super quick post before I head off to work. I remembered Kayla's awesome Jack-O-Lantern in the night concept from last year, so I went with that. Unfortunately, I only had 20ish minutes to do everything before I needed to pass out. Ugh. I didn't do it justice, but it isn't completely horrible! (on quickly scoping her site - I see she did brain nails.. that was going to be one of my additions for this Halloween.. and she did them so well! Guh!!) I used OPI Metallic 4 Life , Butter London Cheeky Chops , and Essie Orange, It's Obvious! And, it is obvious that if I don't leave asap - I will be late for work! Have a great Friday everyone!!

Milky Ways & Sweets Way

Hey there everyone!! I didn't realize that these two polish each use the word 'Way' within their names until right now. Awkweird. Anyways. I recently picked up Nails Inc. Sweets Way at my local Sephora (though on the website they have it listed as 'Sweets Away'.. ... ....) and wanted to use it asap.. I figure it would be fun to use in between Halloween manis. I was going to use a plain old white, but decided to use Lime Crime Milky Ways instead. I used two coats of Milky Ways and then two coats of Sweets Way. I could have gotten away with one coat.. but.. it is glitter activity.. I always feel the more, the merrier.. right?! I also like how Milky Ways gives it a warmer feeling rather than just a white base. I bet a light pink or a light blue would look really nice as well.. Ideas for next time!! Have a great day everyone!!

Bahama Mama & The God of Destiny

Hello everyone! Today I bring you Essie Bahama Mama with some accents of Rainbow Honey The God of Destiny .. Many of my favourite youtubers have been mentioning Essie Bahama Mama .. So when I stumbled across it at the store, I immediately purchased it. I love Essie polish.. but I think this is the first one (formulation wise) that I haven't been in love with. It is extremely runny.. I have never had that with an Essie polish before. Maybe it will be better.. who knows.. AND! For such a "dark" colour, it took three coats before it was even deciding to be opaque. In my mind, it is very similar to OPI Miami Beet .. I will have to compare.. I would much rather use Miami Beet if I want this particular shade on my mitts again. Dangit! THEN! I got my new set of Rainbow Honey's Chrono Cross Collection in the other week.. I was going to swatch them all and do a big review post, but I figure I will just use them and show you how I am actually wearing them, and then maybe

This Is Halloween: Ghosts

Hey everyone - just a quick post for the Halloween Challenge I am taking part in and a reminder of what the layout of the challenge is: Also, if you want to join in - just hop on to the next date!! I found this cute image of multiple cartoon ghosts.. so I just stole the facial expressions and went for it. I just painted a base of Orly White Out , then I did an outline of China Glaze Fairy Dust (which you cannot really see), the expressions were done with Orly Liquid Vinyl and a little tongue action with Essie Orange, It's Obvious!

Mint, Gold, and Cheetah

Hey everyone! When I saw this PHOTO on pinterest, I knew it was only a matter of time (aka a few days) until I would actually do it for myself. I switched it up a little bit - and I didn't have any gold that was glittery enough, but you get the idea. I used China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint , Orly Glitz , Orly Liquid Vinyl , and some gold studs that I ordered from Cult Nails. I did receive many compliments on there bad boys - and the colours go so well together. I love it! You can see some more work from the gal behind my originally pinned photo HERE . I hope everyone is having a great Sunday - and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my beautiful Canadians out there (if you're having the delightful supper this evening like I will be!! Otherwise, enjoy it tomorrow!!)

This Is Halloween: Watermarble

Hey everyone! I know, this was supposed to be posted up on October 5.. BUT.. For some reason I had October 8 in my mind for the next post.. Which is technically a post date.. but it would be for the third part of the challenge.. not the second part.. Or maybe because it is the ever elusive (to me) watermarble. This is a technique I cannot grasp to save my life. My go with it here is no different. It is still awful. I'm sorry!! It is the thought that counts.. right?! UGH. Anyways. I based my nails with Orly White Out . Then I used China Glaze Trendsetter , China Glaze Haunting , Essie Orange, It's Obvious! , and Orly White Out again. Go check out some of the other Halloween Challenge activity.. Go see proper water marbling. I am going to go hang my head in shame aka it is bed time! Good night all (:

Halloween Challenge: Horror Movies

Hello everyone.. Yup. Another challenge to start up. Added to the other ideas I have floating in my mind, I figured.. why not add more Halloween activity?? Here is the challenge I will be following.. Which was designed by Lacquer Dreams Oct 1.. Horror Movies.. I had so many ideas swimming through my head.. Then I remembered these NAILS by kayleigh, and knew I had to try them!! Yeah.. was not working for me. BUT. I decided that my fail attempt was better than be totally scrapping the idea and going with something else. So. I give you my fail Hellraiser nails. Nothing would hold those GD pins! I used two types of glue.. nail polish.. finally some blobs of seche vite.. I should have never doubted my go-to top coat. Ugh. Since I had so many problems, I decided to pin-up my nail accent style, and just dot the rest. Total fail. Also, to my favourite horror movie villain, Michael Myers, I will never betray you again. Whomp-whomp! There is still time to board this t