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Laid Back 31 DC - Day 7 - Ombre or Skittles

Hello everyone! Confession: before I painted these nails.. I had bare nails for TWO DAYS.. in a row. I don't even remember making a full day with bare nails in the last.. well, couple of years. I honestly had zero ideas. Once my sister got wind of me not knowing what to do with my nails, she said 'do those roses on one nail, and cheetah print on another..' and then I thought 'hey, skittles are the next thing on the challenge list.. I can totally skittle with those ideas.' Because. To me, the whole "skittles" nails means they are all different, but related. She suggested hot pink polish. Done. Products Used: Nail Life Gripper (base coat) China Glaze Sugar High OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips Daisy Nail Lacquer Sachet Pink Ninja Polish Girly Floam Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise China Glaze Liquid Leather Brucci Lime Green Brucci Roberta's Green Garden Orly White Out Gold Studs Dotting Tool Little Brush Poshe Top Coat Wow. Typing out the list o

Laid Back 31 DC - Day 6 - Favourite Colour Family

Hello everyone! Day 6.. favourite colour family.. now, I know what some of you (who have been followers for awhile) will expect me to go with greens.. because, well, green is my favourite colour. This is a true fact. BUT. In the nail polish world.. my favourite colour family.. is.. BLUE. I have yet to come across a blue polish that I don't like. True story. I feel like all the shades compliment my near translucent, pale skin.  I followed (sort of) this awesome TUTORIAL to create my blue fishtail nails. Oh, and I love them. Products Used: Nail Life Gripper (base coat) Essie Bikini So Teeny OPI No Room For The Blues Nails Inc. Baker Street Poshe Top Coat I really, really like this.. especially on my recently shortened nails. It makes them look pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) I actually look forward to doing this a bunch of times with other colour combos. This is fun and easy to do - but it looks like it is a lot of work. Those are the best kind of m

Laid Back 31 DC - Day 5 - Purple

Hey everyone! Sorry, I'm a day late here.. I swear I will get the majority of these posted on time - I honestly don't even have a legitimate excuse as to why I don't get these posted in time. Please forgive me! Day 5 is purple.. I chose two different purple polish.. and went with interlocking dots.. I can't stop doing it - it is a problem! Products Used: Nail Life Gripper (base coat) a england Guinevere China Glaze Creative Fantasy Dotting Tools Poshe Top Coat Simple, effective, love. I assure you that my next go for this challenge, 'favourite colour family', I will not use an interlocking dots mani!! Also, I did a guest post over at Imperfectly Painted the other day.. you should probably go scope it out! I will show you a preview photo.. Take care until next time!!

Laid Back 31 DC - Day 4 - Pink

Hey everyone - today I bring you "day 4" of the laid back 31 day challenge.. and.. I feel like this can be a two-for-one type of post.. this can totally work for a Valentine's Day look! Yay! Products Used Nail Life Gripper (base coat) China Glaze Sugar High OPI Mod About You OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips Cult Nails Wicked Fast (top coat) I followed this pin and really quite like the results. Though next time, I am going to let more of the "second layer" show.. but that is about it. I really enjoy it - and all the pinks used make it super girly!! Remember to check out the other activity from the 31 DC participants!

Creme De Menthe

Hello everyone! Before I do a little intro on what I will be sharing with you today, I first want to kind of ask a question of you all.. I posted on the blogger help forum, and have yet to receive any type of response.. Anyways.. I feel like a total jerk.. I keep going on to other people's blogs with the full intent of leaving a comment.. but after I have typed out my comment.. and hit enter.. nothing. It is like I'm signed out. I check now when I load up a blog. The top right corner stays to sign in or register.. yet I am "signed in", but I cannot comment or anything. It is very frustrating. I don't know if I picked up some sort of, well, some sort of something.. but if I come across something in my blog roll, and want to leave a comment, I want to LEAVE A COMMENT, and I cannot. I use firefox as my browser and refuse to use anything else. Help? Has anyone had a similar thing happen? Any fixes? I'm desperate! Who has two thumbs and just fixed their problem?

Laid Back 31 DC - Day 2 & 3 - Silver & Gold

Hey everyone! I am sort of cheating on this one.. I didn't want just post up a picture of a silver and a gold polish, or of the polish with some glitter top coat.. and I didn't want to incorporate any other colours.. what to do, what to do! Oh, combine them. Great! Products Used Nail Life Gripper (base coat) NOPI The Next CEO Joe Tin Dotting Tool Cult Nails Wicked Fast (top coat) Super simple nails, but they actually look pretty rad in real life. The photos are all right.. I did see this idea via pinterest (the nails are half black with silver dots - I didn't pin it before my computer decided to restart from new downloads.. sigh - but - when I stumble across it again, I will toss the link in here!) That is all for now. See you all again soon! 

There is always room for J-E-L-L-O

Seriously, there is. Hey everyone! Today I bring you an impulse buy polish that I'm insanely happy to have indulged in.. Though my application isn't the best (I got a little carried away with the polish and my top coat, thus leading to some bubbling.. if you can look past that though - true gem!) Products Used Nail Life Gripper (base coat) China Glaze Lemon Fizz Silly Lily Polish J-E-L-L-O Cult Nails Wicked Fast (top coat) This whole impulse buy started from this POST . When the polish arrived in my hot little hands on Tuesday, I really wanted to use a similar pink for my base, as it looks absolutely adorable, but I just wanted to use my favourite yellow ever and then top it all off with J-E-L-L-O. So I did. I did end up getting a wealth of compliments on it - probably because it just looks like 'fun' slicked on to my nails. I really like this combo. I legitimately feel happy looking at these gems. I got my bottle of J-E-L-L-O HERE , and I wil

Valentine's Day Nails: Look 2

Hello everyone! Today I have my second look for Valentine's Day nails. When I did my nails the other night for the Laid Back 31 Day Challenge , I did the whole interlocking dots mani, and figured it would be perfect for Valentine's Day! ..and that is the crazy story on how look 2 was born.. a real edge-of-your-seat tale, I know.   Products Used Nail Life Gripper (base coat) China Glaze With Love (red) Lime Crime Parfait Day (pink) Dotting Tools Cult Nails Wicked Fast (top coat) I really, really love this whole interlocking dots deal.. It looks like there is some major work done, but in actuality, it is just a wealth of dots. Who doesn't love dots? I think there will be another one, maybe two (time depending) Valentine's Day looks for you all. Back to the drawing board for those.. Have a great day everyone, and I will see you again soon!!

Laid Back 31 DC - Day 1 - Black & White

Hey everyone! Technically I am a little late on this.. I really wanted to be a part of the laid back 31 day challenge.. but, silly me, I didn't pay attention to see the start date.. Which was on Feb. 1. I really am quite dummmmb sometimes, but that is besides the point. I knew exactly how I wanted to start the challenge.. I knew the look I wanted to go with for black and white.. then I saw that a couple of the other gals went with the same thing.. but I still really wanted to try it.. but.. why not mix it up a little? So, I did. Products Used Nail Life Gripper (base coat) China Glaze Liquid Leather (black) Orly White Out (white) Cover Brand Sticks 'n Stones Sponge Dotting Tools Pearls I was sooo excited to use this TUTORIAL - and it is easy, effective, and excellent! I actually think this has inspired my next Valentine Day's nail look.. yup, it definitely has. Anyways! Thumb & middle fingers are the awesome interlocking dots, my index and

Valentine's Day Nails: Look 1

Hello everyone! I bring a Valentine's Day nail look to you today. I honestly meant to have this post up yesterday, but, some times things just don't work out the way we have planned them! With that being said.. My "plan" for the next couple of days (up until Valentine's Day) are to post up some Valentine's Day themed nails.. I mean, why not, right?! This first "look" is super simple. I picked out a wealth of pink nail polish and topped with some glitter. Genius! Products Used Nail Life Gripper (base coat) OPI Mod About You (thumb) OPI Sparrow Me The Drama (index) OPI Elephantastic Pink (middle) OPI Shorts Story (ring) OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips (pinky) I Heart NP Animal Cookie (over all the nails) Cult Nails Wicked Fast (top coat) Simple. Girly. Valentine's Day-y. Basically, my idea to inspire those of you looking for inspiration: take some pink polish, and top it off with a glitter - can be pink glitter, can be any kind.