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Green Floral Nails Inspired By The Nailasaurus

Hey everyone! I was really jazzed the other day by THIS POST over at The Nailasaurus - and I saved it for a future copy.. like, a ways away.. but.. I broke my thumb nail the other day.. clipped my nails down, and was like 'I must do that floral mani meow'. So do I did. Products Used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat China Glaze Gaga For Green China Glaze White On White OPI My Vampire Is Buff OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips Lush Lacquer Snow Globe OPI Jade Is The New Black Dotting Tool Brush Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat The only slight downside is my wavy stripes.. I always freehand my stripes because tape and I are mortal enemies.. I guess they aren't the worst, but they aren't super bad ass either. AND! I have this NEED to put little dots all over my floral nails these days.. ever since I did it for my birthday party nails .. I have to do it. I love these. I cannot wait to show one of the resident's tomorrow.. she hates when my nails are g

Blueberry &

Hey everyone! Just a quick combo for you all to scope out today..   Products Used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat Barry M Gelly Blueberry OPI Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat 2 coats of the exceedingly gorgeous Barry M Gelly polish Blueberry - seriously, it is lovely.. I could sport it all on its own, then I followed with a coat or two of OPI - which I felt was a perfect fit. And it knocked two of my untried polish out. Yay! Well, back to studying. Have a great day everyone!!

Jaffa Clowning Around

Hello everyone! Just a quick post with a quick note: my next couple of posts most likely won't be nail art-y.. I am in the last couple of weeks of my classes.. so.. papers.. exams.. and finals.. all in a lovely row. Come on May 3! Anyways.. I will make some posts, but they will be a polish with some glitter on top.. Super original stuff here.. BUT! With that being said - I still think it is all kind of exciting.. I have a post waiting - it should have gone up today, but I want to share my nails as of right now instead - so you'll see the other gems on Monday. On to my fun-time nails as of this very moment.. Products Used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat butter London Jaffa Lush Lacquer Clowning Around Seche Vite Dry Fast Top coat Admittedly, the awesome neon goodness of Clowning Around would be much more prevalent over a lighter coloured base, but I really wanted orange nails.. and I wanted to sport Jaffa.. I think it gives off a nice "subtle&qu

Lush Lacquer Green Genie

Hello everyone! I bring you a simple "swatch" of the very lovely Green Genie from Lush Lacquer. This was a polish that I added in to my order simply because it is green based. Yup. I love everything green. No matter the shade. And I'm not disappointed in this gem. I'd say the "base" green in mine is a milky-lime-pistachio, and I quite like it. The fun various sized glitter action is also kind of extra great to me! I can't really think of anything that I don't like about how this polish looks.. Though I have to admit.. I am sort of bummed that it only lasted one day before it started to chip. I was hoping for 2 days of chip freedom. Though my BFF pointed out that I need to lead a more sedentary life for my nail polish not to chip. Until that happens.. I guess I can just be happy that I can change my nail polish a wealth and that I have an ample supply to choose from! Silver lining. I ordered this beauty HERE - and I do think the colour an

Dots & Skulls

If any of you have seen the movie 'Step Brothers', please say 'Dots & Skulls' like 'Boats & Hoes' and you'll appreciate the title of this post at least 15% more. I promise. Hello everyone!! My BFF bought me a couple of gem nail polish for my birthday.. and ever since opening the gift, I have not been able to get L'oreal Tangerine Crush out of my head. I was thinking about doing this skull print from a fabric swatch I have come across a time of three , but for some reason I thought Tangerine Crush was a shimmer polish and not a creme. I'm thankful I swatched it first.. it is a creme polish and would be a perfect base for what I had planned.. I am not even going to lie, I am extremely jazzed about how these nails turned out!   Products Used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat L'oreal Tangerine Crush China Glaze White On White Dotting Tool Nail Art Brush Poshe Top Coat Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I went with 3 coats o

Coachella Dweller & When Monkeys Fly!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to share this combo that I tossed on the other day. I sort of went on, um, a small polish buying spree (aka I physically bought 6 nail polish and have 6 more coming in the mail..) so basically my untried stash has tripled throughout the weekend.. Which means I made myself a deal: nothing more until all those are at least used once. Yeah, we shall see how long that lasts. I mean, what? Anyways! Orly Coachella Dweller is a polish that I wanted as soon as I saw it.. but I didn't order it immediately.. though when I saw it irl at Sally's the other day, it was in my mitts in a flash. And two other Orly polish. It was buy 2, get 1 free. Geez! Then, the next day, I was out doing some 'I'm hungover, but I can't sleep' shopping, and bought a couple of OPI polish (and one China Glaze..) one of said OPI polish was When Monkeys Fly! I knew there were some issues with glitter curling, but it looked absolutely lovely, and I knew it was

Galaxy, Dots, Studs, and Floral - oh my!

Hello everyone! I am really excited to share my nails with you all today.. Exceptionally excited! My sister (who is awesome) sent me an inspiration photo via text. It is black based nails, some gold bullion beads, and a studded gold cross.. I really liked it, and she said they should be my party nails. I agreed. Then, I was looking at it again last night, and liked the whole concept, but I wanted more.. I decided that a mix was needed, but that the cross would for sure stay (I was going to say 'as an accent nail', but technically, they are all accent nails.. you'll see) Products Used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat China Glaze Liquid Leather China Glaze White on White China Glaze Sugar High Sinful Colors Unicorn China Glaze First Mate China Glaze Fairy Dust Orly Glitz Essie Bikini So Teeny China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le China Glaze Gaga For Green Lime Crime Pastelchio Sponge Dotting Tools Gold Studs Poshe Topcoat Phew! That is a lot of stuff

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yeah, I'm that lame. I'm dedicating a full post to MY day. Hello everyone!! Today is April 4th.. which to many people is just the fourth day of another month, no big deal or anything. But to me, it is a very special day. I used to sort of "hate" my birthday.. like.. legitimately dislike it. Then, I sort of changed my tune. It doesn't matter if I don't have any plans, or no one wants to wish me a happy birthday, or want to hang out.. It boils down to being that one day that I can just be like 'yup, this is me day'. That is when I stopped hating it. So like.. my 20th birthday. That was only like a year or three ago.. I have to run away meow.. Anyways! I'm sure you're not here to read my ramblings on the significance of a birthday.. you came to see my birthday nails. They are cupcake nails. Nothing overly special. Most of the residents at my work place were asking if I would do special nails for "my day", I figure I should please t