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Summer Galaxy Nails

Hey everyone! I'm baaaack!! I knew I couldn't be gone for too long. I got back in to the swing of things.. Which is great. I got so in to the swing of things that I even filmed a video tutorial on how I went about doing the nails I'm about to share with you. Yeah, kind of crazy! I came across THIS PIN a few days ago, and I obviously loved the whole idea. Galaxy nails but with a summer-y twist? Yes, please. I used the pin as inspiration and just went about my own method of creating galaxy nails.. I have to tell you though.. this whole neon base galaxy-i-fied is tremendous! Products Used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat China Glaze White On White Essie Lights China Glaze Flying Dragon China Glaze First Mate butter London Cheeky Chops China Glaze Fairy Dust Sponge Little Brush Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Seriously folks, if there is one thing I can recommend you trying for your nails this summer.. it is galaxy nails with a bright base colour. Gam

Notice of hiatus...

Hey everyone. Today I have a quick post with a notice of hiatus.. I have been toying with this idea for the last month, maybe even two months. My heart just isn't in to "nail art" lately. I know, I could just be snapping photos of the single polish manis I have been sporting, or even the layering with glitter, but I haven't even been bothering to take pictures. I may be back in full swing in a week, it could be more like a month (gasp.. could it be longer?).. I don't really know what is going on with me lately, but I'm just not "present" right now. I think it is mostly because I'm miserable at my job - but I'm working on rectifying that situation, so maybe once I have fixed that part of my life, things will fall back in to place. I hope to see you all when I come back!! Take care until then.

Nail Party

Hello everyone.. Something a little different again.. mostly because I don't have anything new from me to share with you all. Last Friday, my sister and I had some of our pals over.. and my sister and one of our pals had asked me to "do something" on their nails.. so then I told the other gals that were coming over that I would offer up my nail painting services to them as well. I got permission from all of them to use the photos on the old blog, so, I'm now going to share the activity with all of you! Yay!  Group Shot Numbero Uno  Group Shot Part Deux  Britt's nails  YEAH DIANA's nails  Ky's (aka my sister's) nails  Sky's nails  Vicky's nails  I don't know all of the polish that I used off of the top of my head.. but.. if anyone really, really , really wants to know, I can figure it out for vous! I am hoping to get back in to the swing of things for next week. I feel kind of lost with my n

My Mini Pirate Polish Collection

Hello everyone! A bit of a different "post" today.. But it will still have some rad polish included, so it works! Last weekend, I was at a salon/boutique here in Saskatoon called Alchemy.. While looking at all the awesome items within the shop, I came across some indie polish called 'Pirate Polish', so of course I was studying the few bottles in stock and ogling the nail wheels.. One of the gals came over and explained that the creator of the polish was local.. like.. here.. in the city. Seriously!? I nabbed a bottle of 'Radioactive' and a card, went home, and went to the etsy shop immediately. While I was paying for my bottle of 'Radioactive', the gal told me that her favourite polish was a gem called 'Borsch'.. I was sort of sad when I didn't see it up on etsy, so I took to e-mailed Tara (aka the creator of Pirate Polish) to do some inquiring.. a few e-mails later, and I was going to be hooked up with four beautiful bottles of po