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I'm Such A Derp

Hey everyone! I am having some sort of nail-art meltdown right meow. I don't know what my problem is. I think I'm overwhelmed or something. I cannot settle on any one thing to do, and when I actually do my nails and art it up - I'm extremely unhappy with the results. I'm also at that part in the challenge that I cannot stand - and I think that is psyching me out even more. I do plan to finish up at some point, but it won't be right now. Maybe I'll have an epiphany tomorrow and want to.. but as of right now, this very moment, I feel so 'blah' about it. And that is very upsetting. I think I just need to take a moment or 10, and relax. Hopefully I will be back with 'regular' programming some time soon. I hope to see you all when I return (:

31DC2013 - 21 - Inspired By Color

Hey everyone! Ugggh.. we're in the days of the challenge that I am not a huge fan of.. inspired by.. siiiigh.. we shall see how this goes! For this day, I just went with the name of a nail polish.. and I took a really easy route. My polish name is 'Celestial Star', so I made really simple line-star shapes. Did and done! The polish used is Quo by Orly Celestial Star, and then I also used China Glaze White on White. Super easy. I had to clip down my nails - again! My thumb nails took some weird beating while running errands the other day.. easier just to cut down all my nails - plus they are getting kind of weak and gross looking from the challenge activity, but that isn't so bad. See you again soon!

31DC2013 - 20 - Water Marble

Hey everyone! Water marble.. my biggest nightmare. BUT! I have been wanting to try the whole 'spotted water marble' thing, so, that is exactly what I did. I followed THIS POST quite a bit.. I used some different colours first, manipulated them with acetone, used more gold than I wanted to - also manipulated with acetone.. then.. I did the water marbling with the hand sanitizer spritz action.. Yup. Now, they didn't come out exactly how I wanted them to.. but I'm not overly disappointed either.. I think my pinky and my thumb are my favourites.. I used China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, China Glaze For Audrey, Essie In The Cab-Ana, Orly Glitz, and Orly Liquid Vinyl. That is all for now - see you all again soon!!

21DC2013 - 18 - Half Moons

Hey everyone! I know, I'm doing horribly with keeping up.. and I have made a serious error. I thought day 20 was galaxies.. so I had already done the water marble nails.. well, it turns out that day 19 is galaxies.. and I haven't done them yet. Ugh. I think I might have to post my half moons, then post water marble, and then I.O.U galaxy nails a little later on. I know. I swear some days I border on genius, and others, ok, most days, something completely different. I don't really like the typical half moon manis.. so.. I took to my favourite place aka pinterest, came across THESE GEMS and knew that was what needed to be done. I used Essie A Crewed Interest and China Glaze Liquid Leather.. I like the look - just wish I had curved my line a touch more, but, I can live with this! Take care for now.. I will be back with the nails for day 20 asap.. and then I owe you for day 19.

31DC2013 - 17 - Glitter

Oh hey, back again! Ok. I was really excited to share this glitter polish with everyone.. and.. I don't know what my top coat did to it.. it like.. ate at the polish? I have no idea. I have never had this happen before. I was going to do everything all over again, but I'm behind in the challenge.. and stressing over that.. and blahblahblah.. So I'm going to share my super sub-par glitter mani.. I used a different top coat (not my seche vite) and this weird garbled mess happened. Has this ever happened to any of you? I won't even list the polish.. I will have to do a re-do at some point.. because both are lovely.. and this makes me sad. Sorry! I have to go work on getting my nails ready for tomorrow.. and I'm tiiiired!!

31DC2013 - 16 - Tribal

Hey everyone.. I know, I know - I'm behind.. again. The post for yesterday (Tribal) and the post for today (Glitter) are both exceptionally sub-par, and I do apologize for that. Life, ya know?! Anyways! Not a very good attempt based off of THIS PIN . I wanted to use some rad Incoco strips for this day, but I also didn't want to waste them... because they are amazing and I didn't want to remove them after one day!! That's fair, right?! I used butter London Trout Pout, butter London Slapper, China Glaze White on White, and China Glaze Liquid Leather, OPI Save Me, as well as my little sweet brush. brb with the glitter post.. I really have to stop getting behind!

31DC2013 - 15 - Delicate Print

Hey everyone! Another sort of internal debate day for me.. I figured I would just stamp something on my nails.. but, I really hate nail stamping. The only successful stamp I usually get is my sweet baby snakeskin, and I did that already.. and I didn't like any of the hundreds of possibilities I have via plates. What to do? I looked in the drawer where I keep all my plates, stamping gear, and nail "stuff" aka rhinestones, studs, etc. My ex-co-worker's daughter-in-law bought a wealth of supplies that she really didn't have any use for - she got them for a really good deal and then asked her mother-in-law to ask me if I would be interested in the stuff.. I figured why not.. I have people that ask me to do their nails from time to time that like having extra activity on their nails - it is good to have kicking around. Anyways, back on track.. I looked at the items, and saw these adorable little butterfly appliques.. When would I ever use them? Hey. Why not use t

31DC2013 - 14 - Flowers

Hey everyone! Ok, I hope I am not putting myself out there on the 'crazy limb', but how many of you are internal debaters? (hah.. I really wanted to put master instead of internal, but I didn't allow myself to, you're all welcome!) Probably a good number of us are.. but.. I literally argue with myself in my head.. normally it is all legitimate kinds of things.. but, ok, a lot of times it is about nail polish and/or nail art. This was one of those moments. I was like 'ooh, day 14, flowers - roses, done!' 'no, wait, you do roses A. LOT. why not do something different?' 'uhh, it will be different - I will use different colours.. dummmmb' 'no, using different colours isn't good enough.. something not roses' -silence- -mouth breathing?- After listening to that jerk voice in my head, I took to pinterest to look up flower nails.. roses, all over the place! I could feel my eyes trying not to cry. Then.. I stumbled across a photo.. and I q

31DC2013 - 13 - Animal Print

Hey everyone! I did decide to use Lime Crime polish for the animal print day.. after using some for 'stripes', I was like 'I love these polish.. I want to use them again!' BUT! I didn't use the same.. I just used the other 3 from the set.. I'm a genius, I know. At first glance of the remaining three, I thought 'well, this is going to be hideous', and after I applied it.. I kind of really liked it. The base is Lime Crime Milky Ways , then I did some random dot activity with Peaches (heart) Cream , and then some more dot activity using Lavendairy . I honestly forgot how amazing these polish are. I will definitely be revisiting them more often in the future. The colour pay-off is exquisite, and I have zero application problems with any of them. Siiiigh. I mean, I love nail polish, obviously, but when you find polish on this level ? Sigh-worthy, for serious. See you all again tomorrow!!

31DC2013 - 12 - Stripes

Hey everyone! As I have been going through the challenge, I have been taking nail polish off of my shelves, and not putting them back.. which really isn't so smart.. BUT.. it has made me take note of what is on the shelves as opposed to always grabbing the same polish.. Left shining at me like little beacons of light were my Lime Crime polish.. Perfect! I can use some of them for the stripes day. I used all Lime Crime polish - I went with Crema De Limon as my base, then I went in with Pastelchio , Parfait Day , and Once in a Blue Mousse . I know I just finished saying that doing the challenge has made me more aware of gems in my collection that I haven't used in awhile.. but.. I kind of want to use some of these for animal print day.. Hmmm.. I just might have to go against what I was just saying.. I guess you'll find out tomorrow! See you again real soon!

31DC2013 - 11 - Polka Dots

Hey everyone! Back again with my polka dot nails for today.. Nothing too major.. Very simplistic, but using colours that I have been wanting to use together for awhile - so that has to count for something.. right? Moving on.. I used OPI My Vampire is Buff as my base (I love that polish so much..), then I used various sized dotting tools with OPI Jade is the New Black, OPI Green-Wich Village, and OPI Stranger Tides. Sorry for the lack of clean-up.. It has been a whirl-wind kind of day!! See you all again tomorrow! I'm actually ready for it.. awe yeah!

31DC2013 - 10 - Gradient

Well.. I've really gone and done it now.. I'm actually behind on the challenge.. for real now! I have to play catch up here.. Fun times! My nails, well, ok, not necessarily my nails, but the skin around my nails looks like crap.. I am good about not consciously picking at the skin during the day - I must be doing it at night.. I have no idea, I digress. Ok! I did a super quick gradient this morning, and now I will have to do some quick Polka Dot nails later on and then get some stripes done.. phew! All right.. on to the photo then.. Super simple.. I used 3 a England polish: Guinevere, Ascalon, and Lady of the Lake - nothing super special.. just some quick and easy gradient nails. Though I did use 3 polish that are quite lovely - so that is a bonus! Ok! I better go get my butt in gear and get some dots done.. geeeez! I said I didn't want to get behind, and of course I do. Sigh. I never learn! See you again soon with another post!

31DC2013 - 09 - Rainbow

Hey everyone! I was wracking my brain trying to decide how I wanted to go about rainbow nail day.. make legit rainbows, skittles, splatter, gradient, lines - I just couldn't decide. THEN I remembered I had received a package from Incoco the other day.. and they had sent me a pack of really neat rainbow chevron nail polish strips . Sold! Just look at these! Sososososo pretty! I have to admit.. These are hands down the easiest nail polish strips I have used. I had zero issues - other than the one I normally have, where all of the strips are too big.. but these strips were easy to manipulate without ruining them - I didn't have to pre-cut, I just applied them, then worked away the excess width. Worked very easily! The strips I used here are 'Zig' and you can find them along with many, many other rad designs over on the website - I was sent some other really fabulous strips - and I think I can even use another set at some point in this challenge..

31DC2013 - 08 - Metallic

Hey everyone!! Metallic nails.. I took the super easy route on this day and just slapped on a metallic nail polish.. And that polish is.. OPI Just Spotted The Lizard This nail polish is gorgeous and it changes various colours in different amounts of lights.. Probably one of the only metallic polish that I own that I actually really like. Yeah, I said it! That is all I have for you today.. see you again tomorrow!!

31DC2013 - 07 - B&W

Hey everyone! Black and White nails.. such a good combination.. one that can never go wrong.. I decided to do some saran wrap activity for this day. I started with a base of China Glaze White on White, let that completely dry.. then I slapped on a coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather, one finger at a time, and then dabbed at the nails with some balled up saran wrap. That effect never fails. That is all for black and white day.. see you all again tomorrow!!

31DC2013 - 06 - Violet

Hey everyone!! I know, I know.. I'm a day late! I seriously thought I had this all set up and ready to post for yesterday, but apparently I only dreamed that.. I don't think I'm the only one that wishes that dreams were our realities.. right?! Anyways! I did something really simple for violet day.. and I don't even know if I would consider this 'violet', so it is more so just 'purple' nails. I found THIS (side note: the image only took me to, it didn't take me to a person, so if anyone happens to know who this image belongs to/can give me a direct link, that would be awesome!) image via pinterest, and I had 2/3 polish mentioned and was like 'this is stunning, I want to see this in person', so that is exactly what I did. This is one coat of OPI Casino Royale (which I forgot what an amazing polish it was.. that is one thing that is rad about the challenge, busting out colours that you haven't used in awhile/mig

31DC2013 - 05 - Blue

Hey everyone! Blue day.. All right.. Now, green is my favourite 'in real life' colour, but I have to say I really like myself wearing blue polish.. I drew inspiration for what to do today from THIS photo. I grabbed 6 of the first blues I spotted (I have many..) and just went at my nails with a dotting tool. I love the result! I cannot wait to sport this again, and it will be very soon. I used: OPI What's With The Cattitude?, OPI No Room For The Blues, OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue, OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, China Glaze Sunday Funday, and Essie Mesmerize. Phew! That's all for day 5 - see you again tomorrow!

31DC2013 - 04 - Green

Hey everyone! Green.. my absolute favourite colour.. no matter the shade.. I love all greens.. and green makes me think.. yeah, that's correct: snakeskin. I went alternating with a England Dragon and Saint George, and I used my BM 215 plate with the opposing colour.. Super simple.. It isn't overly noticeable.. I think I want to really doctor this up the next time I do it.. maybe add some gold sponging or 3D-ify the stamping.. I don't know, it needs something though. See? Not terrible.. but.. it needs some pizazz. I have made a mental note of this. Oh, and, I suppose it doesn't hurt that both of these polish are absolutely stunning. Just tossing that out there. That is all for today - see you back again tomorrow!!

31DC2013 - 03 - Yellow + One Gross Nail Break

Hey everyone.. So, I do my challenge day nails a few days in advance - especially at the start.. because the start fell on a long weekend when I had plans made, it is always nice to have a little lee-way, nice to be a bit ahead in case real life comes to haunt you a bit.. etc. Well. This post will contain a slightly graphic photo of a severe nail break. I mention this because my "long for me" nails will be gone after this post. I was going back and forth about clipping my nails or not because of this nail break.. In the end, I decided to clip them all off. They can grow back. Right?! Anyways, on to the post. I decided to bust out a rad new glitter polish that was sitting in my untried bag. I knew I'd base my nails in my favourite yellow polish, top it with the glitter, and life would be good. I don't know what is with me and glitter polish lately, but no matter what I do, how long I wait, etc, I keep getting little bubbles show up. UGH. Oh well, such is life.

31DC2013 - 02 - Orange

Hello everyone! Today is the "orange" day.. I didn't know what I really wanted to do.. Then I grabbed a couple of orange polish and knew it was going to be splatter time. I used Zoya Arizona, China Glaze Riveting, and OPI A Roll In The Hague.. and a little coffee stir-stick-straw hybrid. True story. See you all again tomorrow!!

31DC2013 - 01 - Red

Hey everyone! Day 1.. red.. when I think of "red nails", for some reason my mind immediately thinks of plaid. No idea why, it just happens. I grabbed 4 different enough shades of red polish (I think I only own maybe 6 red polish period?) and went with a simple plaid. I feel like this photo (to me, anyways) makes my lines look super wonky, enough though I don't remember them being so awful irl. Who knows. The reds used are: Essie Lollipop, China Glaze Cranberry Splash, China Glaze With Love, and OPI German-icure By OPI. I also used my little brush for the lines. I look forward to this month of challenge activity.. and I know there are a few others participating - cannot wait to see what is done!! See you tomorrow!!