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My Top 15 of 2014

Hey everyone! As per every year for the last.. 2? 3? I do my own little round-up at the end to just share the manis that I personally treasured the most. The best part is that every year, I get to pick an extra one.. so this is fantastic! I am not entirely sure how many manis I posted (and didn't post) for 2014, but it seemed like a substantial amount when I was perusing the posts. BUT! I narrowed it down to 15. So. Here it goes. My personal top 15 of 2014. In no particular order.. Dotticure featuring Baker Street How could I not involve a look with this polish? I just love it. I am about half way done it.. I have had a backup bottle in my mitts on multiple occasions, but always put it back because it isn't necessary - yet - but will be soon. This blue is perfection.. and to pair it with pinks? Well, that is elementary. Blue-Black Ombre with Snow-mies This cheekily named polish was probably one of my favourite purchases for this year. My sister had sent me a ph

Countdown To Christmas: CHRISTMAS DAY Nails.. 1 day late.

Hey everyone. Well. I did it. I failed. I apologize. I allowed my sickness to overcome my will to do my nails. I rocked naked nails for Christmas.. though, I did sleep for basically 18+ hours of the day, sooo not too many people had to see my naked nails. I plan to be better by Saturday aka tomorrow, as that is when I am spending time with my family. Le sigh. I was sick last Christmas, and just did a repeat this year. Lame. Next year I would like zero illness, thanks. Anyways. On Christmas eve I stopped by a store that my friend manages because.. I felt I needed to give myself another Christmas gift and get some more boots. Found a pair, and then as I was leaving, she mentioned me doing reindeer nails. Now, there are those really fancy Far Isle stag-print reindeer, or cheeky cartoony reindeer. At the time, I didn't ask her to clarify, but, I went with cheeky for today. Plus, my nose would not give me enough time to do anything too lengthy work wise as it needs to be blown every

Countdown to Christmas: 1 Day aka Holly Nails

Hey everyone! Just sneaking in with this post.. it has been a crazy last couple of days, and I was worried if I started the series before actually 'finishing' all looks, I would get caught at the end.. I sort of have, but, I did just complete this one.. so that gives me a few hours of today, and some of tomorrow to do my Christmas nails. A friend today gave me the idea of what to do for the nails I sport on Christmas. I like it. I will go with it. You shall see tomorrow. Enough babbling, on to the nails. Using this PHOTO as inspiration, and my smART nails nail art stencil s, I came up with this.. I used: China Glaze White on White Orly Liquid Vinyl butter London British Racing Green OPI Coca-Cola Red OPI My Favorite Ornament Dotting tool Little brush smART nails P105 I actually quite like these stencils. Though, I did cheat - slightly. I was not waiting for the holly sprigs to dry, so I just used a dotting tool to create the berries. But. All in all,

Countdown to Christmas: 2 Days aka Christmas Lights Nails

Hey everyone! I am sure most are super familiar with the Christmas lights nails.. if not.. take a quick mo here and google it, I shall wait. Right? Seen them many a-times, correct? Well.. I figured why not do them? To my recollection, I have never actually done these nails. I also figured that despite my best planning efforts, my last look, the one for today, and the one for tomorrow all started with a white base. So. For this one, I did the 'french tip' version. I like it. Simple, yet fun! I used: China Glaze White on White OPI Coca-Cola Red Formula X for Sephora Radioactive China Glaze Sunday Funday Zoya Pippa Little brush That is all for today -- sorry for the brief post. I am getting this all done rather late, and my alarm is set to go off rather early. Ohh life! See you all again tomorrow!!

Countdown To Christmas: 3 Days aka Sweater Nails

Hey everyone! Today I bring you some snazzy Christmas Sweater nails. I wanted to do these other sweater nails that had a stag print to them, but I needed to do these before we were going to head to the dude's family gathering. Well, I rushed to get these done, but, he ended up quite ill, so we did not end up going. I could have done the other nails. BUT! I like these guys. They are based off of THIS PHOTO , but I had to change it up and add some gold.. anything to make them have more activity, really. I used: China Glaze White on White OPI Coca-Cola Red butter London British Racing Green OPI My Favorite Ornament Little brush Dotting tool That is all for today. I realize my lines are a little wonky here, but you get the general idea behind these nails.. right?! See you all again tomorrow!

Countdown to Christmas: 4 Days aka Purple Penguin Nails

Hey everyone! For today's nails, I figured I would do something cheeky and cute.. I thought maybe a snowman.. maybe a reindeer, but then I stumbled across this PHOTO and was like 'a penguin, yes!' He looks pretty dapper in his little scarf, I do have to admit that. I used: China Glaze Creative Fantasy Pirate Polish Multipass Lime Crime Lavendairy Zoya Arizona China Glaze Sunday Funday Formula X for Sephora Infatuated Little brush Dotting tool That is all for today.. see you all tomorrow - we are now in the home stretch!! Are you done all your holiday shopping??

Countdown To Christmas: 5 Days aka Winter Wonderland

Hey everyone! Today I bring you nails that I have recreated based off of nails that one of my nail art idols created a couple years back. They are a glorious wintery scene, and I am obsessed with them. You will see why if you check out her post HERE . She even gives a full tutorial, so you can follow and create them yourself, and reap all the compliments. I probably received at least 80 comments/compliments on them - not even kidding. Aren't these so pretty? I feel like the gradient background just makes this 83% more awesome. I used: Formula X for Sephora Infatuated China Glaze Sunday Funday Formula X for Sephora Omni Orly Liquid Vinyl China Glaze White on White Dotting Tools Cosmetic Wedge That is all for today -- see you all again tomorrow!!

Countdown To Christmas: 6 Days aka Easy Christmas Trees

Hey everyone! Today I bring you a look that I have admired for years, but never gave it a shot.. mostly because it uses tape, and I cannot do tape very effectively. But. When a friend sent me the link this year, I was like 'wait a tick, I don't have to use tape.. I can just freehand this..' so I did. This is a look done by Blue Tape and Nails, and you can find the link for the full post RIGHT HERE . She even includes a full tutorial on exactly how she did hers.. which is awesome, and creates a muchos smoother appearance than mine. Tape, why must you be so elusive to me? I used: OPI Skull & Glossbones butter London British Racing Car OPI Fresh Frog of Bel-Air Star Glitter That is all for today -- I shall see you all again tomorrow!!

Countdown To Christmas: 7 Days aka Oh, The Weather Outside Is Weather Take 3

Hey everyone! I think some of these post titles are going to basically become mini novels - hopefully people are okay with that. I figured why not kick off this rad countdown series with one of my personal favourite nail art creations of the holiday season.. plus, its name plays homage to one of my top films Forgetting Sarah Marshall . Paul Rudd, my future brother-in-law, thank you for being you. Moving onwards. I first debuted this look in 2012 - you can see it HERE - then I did it again last year - seen HERE - and I did it again now. BUT. I changed it up ever so slightly. I already have a look that I am recreating that is a gradient, so I figured why not use the colours in the saran wrap method? Did and done. I love it! I used: China Glaze Spontaneous China Glaze Sweet Hook China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le OPI Pirouette My Whistle China Glaze White On White OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! Want to recreate this look? Or do something similar? Alright, here are

Countdown To Christmas

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to announce that, just like my Halloween series, I am going to do a Christmas countdown nail art style. Starting officially tomorrow, I will counting down the days to Christmas, and why better way to countdown then to use nail art? Right? Yeah! Also, I figured to make this announcement post, I should use the rad image plate I was sent. This was sent to be from Nail Polish Canada (seriously, love that site to order nail polish - it is usually cheaper than I can get in the stores, plus I don't have to worry about traveling to a store, and the polish I want being sold out. Shopping in my pjs?! Sold! Plus, super fast (and cheap!) shipping). This is BM-H02 snowflakes image stamped with China Glaze OMG, over top of Orly Liquid Vinyl, and some smattering of China Glaze Dancing & Prancing.. and then I mattified it with Essie Matte About You. That is all for right now.. see you again in a few hours to kick off My Christmas Countdown! Kickin

Navy, Gold, and Sparkly

Hey everyone! How can you go wrong with that trio? Answer: you can't. I was not quite sure how I wanted to use THIS PLATE from Born Pretty , but I picked up 2 new babies the other evening from Winners, and knew what to do with them. I used: China Glaze One Track Mind China Glaze Unlabelled Gold Glitter Orly Glitz  BP-03 I did two coats of the blue, even though I could get away with 1, and two coats of the unnamed gold glitter. Then I stamped with Orly Glitz.. and I am left with a very whimsical feeling mani. Though, I still feel this is quite holiday appropriate. I didn't think I was going to like this image stamped, but I really kind of love it. Must invest in more of these large images on plates. They just look amazing! If you are doing some shopping for nail art goodies on Born Pretty, use the code AHB10 , and save yourself 10%!! That is all for today -- see you all again soon!

The Cutest Spider.. Ever.

Hey everyone. Yes, that is a legitimate statement, this will be the cutest spider, ever. And, for those that know me, you know the repulsion that spiders invoke in my core. I do a tap dance and basically scream/cry/try to sell my soul to the devil, anything to get away. I even barter with the spider. Like, if they disappear when I turn my back, we can pretend that we never crossed paths. It never works. The last spider I encountered even charged at me. That is enough of that story. When I stumbled across these beauties on Born Pretty , I was like 'yes, please', and they were the item I was most excited for. Now, I only pasted the spider to my nail for these photos. They, unfortunately, have this weird bump on the back, so they cannot adhere flush against your nail. I want to keep them for a fun special occasion mani.. so that is why it was only applied for this mani. BUT. This mani was specifically planned to showcase this little bad boy. Guh! This mani is just so

Black + White Triangled

Hey everyone! Today I bring you another post with some Born Pretty goodies! I picked out these gold triangle studs from them, and knew I wanted to keep the look very 'modern' or 'sleek', so that I did. Simple black and white nails, with the gold triangle as an accent. I swear, in real life, these nails did not look.. so.. blah. I got many, many compliments on them. I also waited 3 days to snap photos. Oops! I used: China Glaze White On White Formula X For Sephora Dark Matter Triangle Studs You can find the awesome triangle studs HERE , and, when perusing the store, please feel free to use the code ABH10 during check out to get 10% off of your order.. because.. who doesn't like to save some cash?? Out of the 4 nail art goodies I received, these are my favourite so far! Check out my previous post using the star decals HERE and watch out for the next few days for my other posts. Allllso.. my dude and I already exchanged our Christmas gifts. He

Full Mini Star Design Print Nail Art Water Decals From Born Pretty

Hey everyone! Today I bring you a post featuring some neat star decals from Born Pretty . There were two setbacks from making this amazing. One is user error, and one is a decal mishap I took the following items.. aka these nail decals, and my painted nails..    And created these..   They look pretty rad.. but two issues. 1. The pink stars.. did not show up pink.. or this hand or my other.. I did a wealth of tests. I have had a full set of decals from the store do this to me. They go on backwards. And this was even following the full directions.. using the blow dryer and everything. A touch disappointing. That is why on this hand (my photographing mitt) I only went with one "pink" star.. because I didn't want white stars all over the place.. although it does kind of look interesting.. like.. a pink 3D effect. Anyways.  2. I should not have topped with Seche Vite. Why? Well, it ate away at the decals - seen most noticeably on my index finger.

Greyed Gradient

Hey everyone! Do you even just feel.. grey? Because I sure do. And not in a depressed kind of way, but just that a grey polish is the one polish that will solve all your nail problems for the day. That is what happened here. I didn't know what to do, exactly, but I knew that it had to revolve around grey nails, and one polish in particular: Orly Mirror Mirror. I went with my gut, and was pleased I did. I did my two coats of this gem, then looked at my desk, saw a glitter polish sitting around, and knew what I should do. Gradient. I used: Orly Mirror Mirror China Glaze Dancing & Prancing I got a lot of compliments on these.. I think it is because that glitter really gets it moment to shine because of the super neutral background. Who doesn't love that? That is all for today - see you all again soon!!

Cajun Shrimp

Hey everyone! This gem polish was added to my collection a few months back.. and I only just recently got around to using it. I kind of really love it! It is just so fun! It is a bright coral-y colour, and I am such a sucker for those orange-y kind of polish shades. Love. After painting that lovely colour, I was like 'what now?' So I grabbed some glittery goodness and did this 1/2 frame detail. A patient at the office said these nails are 'dragon lady' nails, and I kind of liked that title. Made me feel like a slight bad ass, and anytime I can get that feeling, I cherish it! I used: OPI Cajun Shrimp FxFS Out Of Sight I just need to add a side note here.. The Formula X for Sephora nail polish are quickly becoming some of my favourites to work with. The formulation is amazing. I have basically used up all of my white and black mini bottles. I feel like I need to splurge on the full size bottles. They are even perfect for stamping. Love! That is all