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Watercolour + Gold Flakies

Hey everyone! I was extremely jazzed when I stumbled across THESE GEM NAILS .. like seriously.. look at them! I was inspired to do something similar.. and an opportunity to use gold flakes? Yes, please. I could seriously sit here, mouth-breathing, for hours just looking at these nails. I absolutely adored them! I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat China Glaze Sweet Hook OPI Sparrow Me The Drama OPI What's With The Cattitude? Essie Navigate Her Essie Mojito Madness Essie Mesmerize Formula X For Sephora Indelible Gold Flakes Acetone + Brush Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I seriously want to re-do these right meow. Note to self: do these again.

Neon Skulls Turned Unhappy Faces

Hey everyone! Wow. I have been away from the blogging life for awhile now. I have not enjoyed my "break". Work, work, and living out of the hospital for a week in there has not helped anything. (side note: living at the hospital was not for me.. my boyfriend broke his elbow.. he needed surgery.. we lived in hospital.. well, he did.. I did part time, the other time was spent at work or not sleeping. Good times!) Anyways. I have some backlogged posts to get through. During my awful hospital-filled week, I did not paint my nails. I just picked that up again yesterday.. but I believe I have 4 posts to do before we get to the current activity. Should be caught up by the end of next week.. aka.. my birthday! Awe yeah! I always get so off track. Many weeks back, as I normally do, I sent a text to my sister asking her what I should paint on my nails. Her response this particular time was for me to do rainbow skulls. The idea = rad, but I have not painted skulls on my own na

Toucan Do It If You Try Pop-arazzi

Hey everyone! The post title explains the combo that I was sporting last week - and they paired perfectly together! I swear, I can do the most complex nail art (for me) to date, and I might get a comment or three, but if I do something simple like a polish with a glitter topper.. comments and praise galore! I am not complaining - I appreciate how many people notice nails these days. I am constantly commenting on rad combos and such with other people. I literally got 20 comments on this combo. It is a gem. I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat OPI Toucan Do It If You Try  Hard Candy Pop-arazzi Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Simple, and effective. Thank you amazing combo!

Late Post For The Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge! Feb 20 & 23: Floral & Animal Print

When I was originally going through the challenge, and saw that these two dates were so close, I had an idea to combo them up. Snakeskin and flowers. Yup. My stamping is rough.. and my roses don't have enough colour definition.. but I know where my faults are.. I think this could actually look amazing if I execute it better -- next time, I tell ya! I used: Essie Navigate Her a england Dragon OPI Sparrow Me The Drama OPI Dim Sum Plum BM-215 OPI Jade Is The New Black And this post will be going up on my dads' birthday!! I don't think he really reads this blog, but, if he ever stumbles across it: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKLIM!! Also, the last two days of the challenge were 'Simple' and 'Galaxy', I didn't do either. Fail. I am looking forward to see if there is a challenge set forth for April. I will be ready for it!

Late Post For The Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge! Feb 17: Studs

Another late post.. I know.. I know.. Just trying to finish up what I had done for the February challenge.. So.. here is the studs portion. I wore these for my first ever bar-tending shift.. I am surprised that within the course of the entire night, I only lost 2 studs. I am also extremely sorry for not taking a photo sooner. Dummmb! I know that I did not come up with this design concept on my own - but I don't have it saved in my inspiration desktop folder or on pinterest, but I swear I have seen it before -- anyone know who did it/the photo I am talking about? Let me know so I can give credit properly!! I used: Formula X For Sephora Thrilling Formula X For Sephora Eureka China Glaze Ingrid Orly Liquid Vinyl Dotting Tool

Late Post For The Totally Doable I Have A Life Challenge! Feb 14: Match OOTD

Zoiks. Hey everyone! I fell very, very, very behind on blogging. I am extremely sorry for that. This is awkward. I do plan to finish up posting all of my looks for February. Because I did so bad on February, I am going to skip out on the March challenge - but if there is one for April - I will be ready for it! How sad is it that all of my photos are edited and ready to be posted up.. I just haven't set aside the time to get a post all typed up. So rough. Usually I procrastinate on the photo readying part. I know, bad me! So. When I did these nails, I had painted them to match the dress I had planned to wear for Feb. 14. I decided to change my ensemble last minute, and then quickly changed my nails - but at the time - this was the plan. My dress is from Target - it is that gorgeous blue with floral/bird print on it. So. These were the nails I did to match. I was quite displeased with my floral activity.. but from a distance, they weren't awful. I used: Chi