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31DC2014 - Day 30 - Inspired By A Tutorial

Hey there! Yesss! All caught up! I kind of love me some mrcandiipants nail posts.. and I quite like her vids as well. I used one of her vides to create this very simple, yet amazing mani.  I used: OPI My Vampire Is Buff Sally Hansen Pacific Blue Color Club High Society Love. So simple, but the colours are gorgeous and I did have many gals comment on these gems. I always find that compliments = effective nail art. Win!

31DC2014 - Day 29 - Inspired By The Supernatural

Siiigh. This prompt of the #31DC2014 kills me. My amazing bff gave me some rad ideas, but I honestly could just do any of them to save my life. I was finally like 'what is a cheapy, easy bit of nail art that I could label as 'supernatural'..' The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ehh... Just let this slide, ok? I used: FxFS White Matter & FxFS Dark Matter.

31DC2014 - Day 28 - Inspired By A Flag

Hello again! For this one.. I went to my "roots".. and.. a place that I would love to visit! My bff, her sister, and their mother (who happens to come from this flag place) went there this past summer.. and just looking at the photos is magical! I can live vicariously through their trek, until I can maybe get myself there some time. It is supposed to look German-flag-esque.. though I feel a little bad that I didn't have a more golden yellow. I had the perfect one in mind, but I might have given that one to my ma. Oops! Thought that counts? I used FxFS Flashy FxFS Dark Matter Sinful Colors Unicorn

31DC2014 - Day 27 - Inspired By Artwork

Hey again.. I, as I almost always do, took to pinterest for this prompt of the #31DC2014.. and came across THIS gem. Did it translate to nail art very well.. not for me.. but.. it is kind of neat? And please do not be too harsh on me for the horrendous "birds", they really are not my forte. I used: FxFS White Matter FxFS Dark Matter China Glaze X-Ta-Sea China Glaze Dune Our Thing yeeah.. again.. not the best translation into nail art (for my skillz), but I am not completely upset about them.

31DC2014 - Day 26 - Inspired By A Pattern

Hey everyone! Sorry I got behind on posts here.. believe it or not, I did have my nails painted everyday for these prompts.. I honestly lost track of days, and of what I had to edit photo-wise.. today while I was at work I was like 'wait.. it is September 30th.. uhhh.. waaat?' So yeah. A small handful of posts coming your way right meow!! For my #31DC2014 inspired by a pattern nails, I took to one of my fave sites: pinterest.. and found THIS .. simple.. green.. effective. I used: China Glaze White On White Essie Mojito Madness Lime Crime Pastelchio FxFS Radioactive Again, simple, fun.. effective!

31DC2014 - Day 25 - Inspired By Fashion

Hey everyone! So for this prompt in the #31DC2014, it is inspired by fashion.. and I went with the fashion of the amazing Dr. Mindy Lahari from The Mindy Project.. I love pretty much everything she wears, so why not pay homage to that? I went with this pattern that she was wearing on the season 3 premiere episode.. to anyone that watches that show -- amazing season premiere, I honestly laughed my way through the whole thing. Just exquisite! I used: FxFS Dark Matter China Glaze White On White Zoya Pippa That is all for today -- see you again tomorrow!!

31DC2014 - Day 24 - Inspired By A Book

Hey everyone! Again this is a prompt for the #31DC2014 that I had to get my bff and her sister to help me on. Here goes.. Any guesses? Yeah, Charlotte's Web. I figure if Charlotte could, she would have done some glitter work in her web.. ok, maybe not, maybe that is just something that I would do.. but hey - it looks kind of rad! I know I have seen a pig nail done that way before, I just forgot to find the image - I will do that when I get home from work.. have to get running out the door here! I should probably list what was used real quick here.. China Glaze White on White FxFS Dark Matter FxFS Brazen FxFS Eureka OPI My Favo(u)rite Ornament That is all for today! See you tomorrow!!

31DC2014 - Day 23 - Inspired By A Movie

Hey everyone! I apologize for this #31DC2014 post not being up yesterday.. I figured I had this one all queued up and ready to go, but apparently I did not. I guess my brain is right next to mush right now.. so that is fun! Inspired by a movie.. I honestly had my bff and her sister help again with this one.. they happened to be watching it when I asked, annnd it happens to be one of my faves.. Any guesses? .... Yeah, it is Pitch Perfect. I used a few inspirational photos for this.. THIS , THIS , and THIS . I used: Dollish Polish Aca-awkward! Zoya Pippa FxFS Omni China Glaze White on White FxFS Dark Matter Orly Mirror Mirror BM 213 I tried to do the cup on my pinky.. and it just was not happening.. so I quickly looked through my plates and found one with heels.. that worked enough for me. I then added some yellow, because, well, why not? That is it for day 23! Stay tuned for day 24 coming right up!!

31DC2014 - Day 22 - Inspired By A Song

Hey everyone! Right when the #31DC2014 was about to begin, my bff was in Toronto with her sister.. so I sent her a text about a handful of days within the challenge that were, well, basically my kryptonite, and asked for her help. Not only did she give me ideas, but her sister put in some ideas as well.. so now I should be all set to get through the challenge. Did I mention that I love them? And if they happen to peruse this -- love you guys! Thank you! The idea for this day was to do nails inspired by Nicki Minaj's Anaconda.. perfect! Snake skin nails, I can do that! I actually sat down to watch the video to get ideas for colours. Um, yeow! What a video! Anyways, I decided my palette would be hot pink, black, and gold. Love. I started off with a base of FxFS White Matter to help make Orly Neon Heat pop! Then I stamped with FxFS Dark Matter and the BM-215 plate, and followed up with a stamp of Orly Glitz. These photos do not do these gems justice. I am obsessed wit

31DC2014 - Day 21 - Inspired By A Colour

Hey everyone! So day 21 of the #31DC2014 called for being inspired by a colour.. to me, I take that to mean 'inspired by a nail polish' aka inspired by a polish name. What better polish for me to choose than one of my absolute faves: China Glaze Lemon Fizz. I have probably gone through 2 bottles already, and my third here is already at about half-way. This is an impossibly gorgeous yellow creme and I find the formula to be perfect! I just love it!! I was trying to hand paint the lemons, but it just was not going well.. sooo.. some hacked up fimo slices I went with.. Despite the hack job on the fimos, I still love this. It is like a fizzy lemonade. Who wouldn't like that!? I used: China Glaze Lemon Fizz Essie As Gold As It Gets China Glaze White on White Fimo Slices That is all for day 21!! -- and a day late, I thought I had put this on auto-post, turns out I did not!! Oops!!

31DC2014 - Day 20 - Water Marble

Hello everyone.. Day 20. My nightmare nails: water marble. Did I pull it off? Sort of? Ok, I know these water marble nails will not be winning any awards, but for me? Phenomenal! I used FxFS White Matter as my base.. then I used a combo of FxFS Eureka, Omni & Indelible along with China Glaze Lemon Fizz.. and then added some white dots with China Glaze White On White. Now we are getting in to the zone that usually ends my quest to finish the 31 day challenge.. but I am not throwing in the towel this time, I swear! Let's see what happens now.. See you again tomorrow!!

31DC2014 - Day 19 - Galaxies

Hey everyone! Galaxies as the prompt for the #31DC2014.. no freakin' problem! Honestly.. I think galaxy nails might be my favourite nails to do. I have probably said it 8.5 million times, but there is no way to do these incorrectly, which is what makes them so magical - at least in my eyes! For this go-round, I used pretty much every nails polish that happened to be littering my desk.. and every nail has a different element of activity going on. Oh, and an extra treat: my right hand. I really liked my thumbs (both hands) and figured why not share all 10 digits and their fun galaxy-ness.  Side note: you can definitely tell I do not photograph my right hand ever.. I could barely get a decent photo.. the bottom two are the photos I deemed 'ok'. The polish used: FxFS Dark Matter China Glaze White On White FxFS Eureka FxFS Indelible FxFS Radioactive FxFS Omni Zoya Arizona China Glaze Lemon Fizz China Glaze Fairy Dust Yup.. that is all that was used.

31Dc2014 - Day 18 - Half Moons + 500th Post!!

Hey everyone! Phew. I am now alllll caught up on posts. Having the internet back is.. well, it is basically magical. As much as I would like to think I am not a slave to the internet, I am. Everything that I like to do for 'me time' is pretty much directly linked. I know, sad, but honest. I honestly had zero plan for half moon nails. I figured I would do some leopard-esque print just on the half moon part.. then it looked lame to me.. so I leopard-i-fied everything.. added some gold dots.. it was tolerable. I should have done the light colour first.. but I didn't.. which is why you can see the dark colour still peeking out around the bottom edge.. just pretend it is not there. I do. I used OPI Miami Beet, then I did some half moon-age with OPI You're So Vain-illa. I did the leopard detail with FxFS Dark Matter and then added some gold dots with OPI My Favo(u)rite Ornament. That is all for now.. oh.. guess what is on the horizon. My arch nemesis.. water ma

31DC2014 - Day 17 - Glitter

For this day.. I kind of just added some glitter magic-ness in the form of China Glaze Fairy Dust on top of a rad mani idea that my manager sent to me as a video idea. I am sure a wealth of you have seen it - but here is her instagram.. some really amazing work!! I used FxFS Omni and FxFS Eureka.. twisted those gems up with a toothpick.. and then used some Fairy Dust on top. Simple.. and fun.. and glittery! All wins in my books!

31DC2014 - Day 16 - Geometric

For this day.. I really didn't have it in me to do a wealth of sweet detail work.. but! I did remember some amazing nail strips I had been sent from Incoco that would fit this prompt. So happy I did use them. I love this design! I am excited to actually get to wear them for a few days in the future! Gah! So pretty. Visit the Incoco website for many rad designs!!

31DC2014 - Day 15 - Delicate Print

Hi there!! For a delicate print, I honestly could not think of something to do.. I was just going to stamp something, but that just did not sound too fun to do.. then I decided to use some pastel colours (dainty?) and add pearls.. and make some dotted bows. Seems sort of delicate.. ish.. right?! I used FxFS Unmistakable as my base colour, then I did a dotted bow pattern using FxFS Brazen, then I added a pearl to the middle.. because, well, why not? Seems delicate to me! That is all for day 15!

31DC2014 - Day 14 - Flowers

Hello again.. Day 14 called for flowers.. I was going to do the typical rose activity.. then I decided to do some form of daisies instead.. and I quite like these nails!! I used FxFS Dark Matter as my base, then made some white stripes with FxFS White Matter, and added a dot of China Glaze Lemon Fizz to give it that daisy vibe! Simple and fun - these were the nails that I sported to my co-worker/friend's wedding! That is all for day 14.. catching up! Awe yeah!

31DC2014 - Day 13 - Animal Print

Hey everyone! Just getting caught up with these backlogged posts.. day 13 of the #31DC2014 called for animal print.. of course I was going to go some form a leopard print. I did a bit of a different method for this go. I like it, could be better. I got the colour combo from a blouse I had seen at some point in time - I cataloged it in my memory to use at some point. I used Zoya Arizona as my base, then did some dots using Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse and did the outlining activity using China Glaze I Sea The Point. That is all for day 13!

31DC2014 - Day 12 - Stripes

Hello, again.. For day 12 of #31DC2014, it called for stripes. I went in with the full intention of doing classic stripes.. but my little brush and I did not agree.. and I could not make a straight line for the life of me.. so.. why not distressed stripes? Sold. I used OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips as the base, and then did my distressed stripes with China Glaze Electric Pineapple and Nails Inc Baker Street. Simple, and distressed. I actually did really like these.

31DC2014 - Day 11 - Polka Dots

Hey everyone! I finally have internet again -- yay!! Which means it is time to catch up on posts here. Thankfully I was diligent in my note keeping and wrote down which polish I had used before putting them away.. although right now my desk does resemble the aftermath of a tornado.. I try, I really do. Anyways! Polka dot nails are my favourite thing.. well.. many different types of nails are my favourite, but dots do rank right up there. I decided to just do simple framed dot nails for this day of the #31DC2014.. because.. well, why not? They are simple and classy. Though my polish, at the tips, took some weird transformation.. you'll see in the photos! Weird, hey? I don't know whether it looks gross or kind of neat.. maybe a bit of both? I used OPI You're So Vain-illa and FxFS Dark matter and a dotting tool. That is all for day 11.. have to get a wealth of other posts up yet.

31DC2014 - Day 10 - Gradient

Hey everyone! Ok. I will admit.. I cheated a smidge. Given that last week/weekend was hectic, I had to do some work in advance. These are actually the nails I was sporting on my friends wedding day on Saturday when I was MOH'ing it up. Also. I had broken my nails the day before during the set up process.. and I had obviously not lotioned/oiled properly during those few days.. and my hands/nails show it, I sincerely apologize! I believe that this combo is gorgeous and that the wedding was magnificent, so that should sort of make up for my horrendous hands.. that is how it works, right?! I used China Glaze White On White as my base colour, and then did a layered gradient effect using OPI Rose Of Light. I think I got as many compliments on my nails as I did my speech, which was surprisingly a lot. So I guess these gems were a success! That is all for today.. see you all again tomorrow!!

31DC2914 - Day 9 - Rainbow

Hey everyone! Just another quickie post tonight - I am tres exhausted right meow. a 10.5 hour work day.. I mean, it went by in the blink of an eye, but that is my problem.. I didn't keep my eyes closed enough last night. Derp. I decided to do a faux-gradient for today.. meaning, I was too lazy to bust out the sponge.. sorry! But it is still super fun looking! I also broke/clipped down my nails. That is fun. Anyways! I started this whole process with a base of white, China Glaze White Out, to be exact, then I did numerous layers of: Girly Bits Jelly Shoes, Sailors Delight, Banana Hammock, Glo Worm, and Arctic Sunrise, as well as Dollish Polish Aca-Awkward! Then I added a layer of FxFS Wham! for kicks. Pretty pleased with how these gems turned out. I am off for now.. need sleep! Goodnight -- and see you all again tomorrow!!

31DC2014 - Day 8- Metallic

Hey everyone! I am just sneaking in with the day 8 post for the #31DC2014 - and it is metallic day! I decided to use my Ciate Very Colourfoil Manicure set for day.. and I am quite happy with the results!  All I did was paint my nails with a coat (maybe 2) of Essie No Place Like Chrome and then just dabbed on some of the foil.. The adhesive that came in the set was pretty dried up, but I made due! I want to play around with this technique again in the future, but I feel like it still looks rad. One thing I have to make note of - and I am not sure if it was user error or what - this was such a PITA to clean up! Foil was everywhere, the glue was all over my fingers/hands.. just.. a mini nightmare. Anyone else have that issue when using foils? See you tomorrow for day 9! And keep your fingers crossed that I have internet when I go to post tomorrow.. lately we only seem to have internet was a small pocket of time during the day. It is very frustrating. I think it is time to c