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Glittery Gradient Scales

Hey everyone! I know I should be sharing more of my super late back posts, but I just had to share this one asap. It is just.. magical. The photos will not do the glittery-ness an ounce of justice, but just imagine its greatness, and smile. I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat Ellagee Beach Bum Ellagee Boom! Ellagee Kachow! Scale Vinyls from My Nails Did Vinyls Sponge Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat  The items listed are clickable links, so you can go scope out these gem items for yourself. OBSESSED! And, just a shot of the base colour on its own. I feel like these peachy colours for nail polish are my new favourite.. I honestly cannot get enough! The formula on this was exquisite. I am thinking I must add more Ellagee polish to my collection.. asap, really.   That is all for today - see you again soon!!

X Marks The Spot

Hey everyone! I told myself not to post until the morning, but by the time morning shows up, I might not even remember all the ding-dang work I have just done - so, while I am awake and working on future posts, why not get it rolling right meow! I have spent the last hour editing/watermarking pictures dating back to April/May.. and I only listened to THIS SONG , and I am not even remotely tired of it. That, and it made this daunting task that I have put off for months fly by! Yay for having content! Ok. On to the good stuff! I am involved with a crew of amazing Canadian gals, and this is my second swap with them - what we do is we pick $$ groups and then the gals in charge distribute nails, and it is a surprise, and you buy polish and goodies for that person.. and then surprise! They get your goodies in mail, and you get goodies from someone, basically goodies for everyone! Now, the extremely rad part about this group is that some of the gals are indie shop owners and give

Cute Watermelon Nails

..does anyone else watch a lot of vines? And is possibly saying the title as 'water-me-lon'.. no? Ok. HELLO! Instead of going in to some long winded story, why don't we skip it, and just move on to nail action? Rad! I got the inspiration for these gems from Chalkboard Nails - because.. she is amazing and I had to try and replicate these nails asap! I used: China Glaze Glow With The Flow China Glaze Treble Maker Formula X for Sephora White Matter Tiny Brush Dotting Tools That is all.. I completely misjudged my time, and have to sprint out the door for work!! See you all again soon!!