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GLADvent Calendar Countdown + 600th Post

Hey everyone! First off, this is my 600th post.. where does the time go?! I feel like I was just writing my first post a few days ago (we will not discuss the amount of years, thanks!) Thanks for sticking around, or just popping in quick to see a post here and there. Even bigger thanks for following me on instagram or facebook.. or even twitter -- all of those fun links are on the side. (Shameless plug, I am sorry!) BUT! My 600th post is not why we are here today. No, I am here to discuss my opening of the GLADvent calendar from Cuter Cuticles. I have this amazing box.. ...filled with numbered packets to be opened every day for a period of 24 days - just like an Advent Calendar. Now, I was never too keen on those gems growing up, but this is one I can get behind. Sammy makes some of my favourite nail care items, so this is going to be fun! (I have another advent-type box coming probably this week, we shall discuss that one when it gets here.. it is a combo from another one

Gold Swirls

Hey everyone! Today I bring you some nails that I think are actually really pretty, but still very fun. Gold swirls.. sounds pretty straight forward, but this gold polish is amazing! A month and a smidge back, a co-worker/pal took me to CosmoProf (she has a card - yay!) and of course I picked up some nail polish. Two of the polish I picked up are featured in this look - and one of the polish is actually a new brand, to me. I, of course, stocked up on Seche Vite (it was under $5 per bottle..) and I snapped up OPI You're Such A Budapest and Morgan Taylor Glitter & Gold. I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat OPI You're Such A Budapest Morgan Taylor Glitter & Gold MND Vinyls Sponge Nail Experiments Liquid Latex Tweezers Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I used the sponge method to apply the gold glitter, and again, just obsessed with that method! The glitterage is so opaque and easy to work with. Just so in love! Vortex Swirl stencils are a

Sometimes Only An F-Bomb Will Do!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the M.I.Aness. Excuses? Work. Moving. Basically life.. that, and my computer is being a red-shirted ass, but hey.. everything has its 'off' days. My mani today is the perfect mix of how I feeling at this particular moment. It is all colourful and cheery.. with a nice little 'fuck' decal thrown in. Because that is how I feel right meow. Cheery, but kind of like 'fuck' at the same time. Also, I finally tried the whole 'put your glitter polish on a sponge, and sponge it on the nail' technique. Um, love! I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow Nails Inc Baker Street Finger Paints 15 Minutes of Fame OPI Alpine Snow OPI Color So Hot It Berns Orly Turn It Up Decal from My Nails Did Sponge Tweezers Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I just love this! You can scope the decals from My Nails Did Vinyls by clicking HERE , and these are the gems in particular .. many amazing cuss words to