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Day 13 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Well.. we have arrived on the final day.. and.. Merry Christmas! What could Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! actually do on the last day when every day has been pure magic? Well, how about an item from each of them!? Yeah, 2 items for the last day! YAAS! And it reads: "It's the thirteenth day of Christmas; somehow you've managed to stay sane Now how 'bout a bath that smells like sweet candy cane? Then after your bath, time for more holiday cheer And champagne scented nail polish to toast the new year!" So.. we have Mrs. P's Potions polish in Drop the Ball, it is limited edition, and it has the Champagne Kisses scent - if you want, you should snag one HERE before they are gone! And then we have the cutest bubble bar thing I have ever seen! This is Soak It's Reindeer Bubble Cookie in Candy Cane scent - it is a Ho Ho Holiday Box exclusive, but, you can get something similar if you click HERE What a fun and amazing box of go

Day 12 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Today is day 12 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! The bittersweetness is so real today. Thankfully I have one more day to come to terms with this all being over. Le sigh. Shall we? And it reads: "It's the twelfth day of Christmas, your shopping's all done Now have fun and enjoy since you've been on the run. Sit back and relax, it's time to be merry Take a little soak scents with spiced cranberry!" And this is a bath bomb in the limited edition Spiced Cranberry scent. Umm.. this is amazing. I love Cranberry scented items.. and look at the cute belt! And sparkly buckle!! Adorable. Cannot wait to put this to good use!! If you want to nab a bath bomb in this scent, or any other scent.. or just a small army of bath bombs, click HERE

Day 11 of The Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Ahh.. we are down to the last few days here. I am excited, but also a little crushed that this is all coming to an end. Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! did such a good job. I mean, obviously the items are AMAZING, but the little poems are such fun, and the packaging.. just absolutely spoiled. Could not have asked for a better gift to myself for this year! And it reads: "It's the eleventh day of Christmas and what did you get? A dazzling nail polish, maybe the prettiest yet! Whether it's blue or it's white, it's sparkling and delightful It's sure to make you smile when the weather outside is frightful!" This is 'The Whether Outside is Frightful' - and it is a thermal polish, which a purely peppermint scent. Um, this is amazing! Oh, and it is a Ho Ho Holiday Box exclusive! YASSS! This is sosososo good - and it looks absolutely stunning. So tempted to slap it on right now.. I might just have to yet.. ohhh man! That is

Day 10 of The Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Here we go for day 10 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! And it reads: "It's the tenth day of Christmas, ain't no lords a-leapin' Still so much do do, and there's no time for weepin'! You've planned and you've shopped, Santa knows how you've toiled Now take care of yours, keep those cuticles oiled!" This is one of Soak It!'s awesome cuticle oils - and it is in the limited edition scent of 'Santa's Pipe'.. hmm.. what could that mean scent-wise? Cherrywood, Raspberry, and tobacco.. hmm.. Ok.. this actually smells sososo good! I was not sold on the tobacco part, BUT, that cherrywood and raspberry are more so what I pick up scent-wise, then you have a hint of the tobacco to just some dim down the sweetness.. I really do quite like this scent. And now I am going to slather is all over my cuticles. If you want to nab some cuticle oil in this scent, or any of Tara's other

Day 9 of The Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Today we have day 9.. we are getting down to the final days.. and that makes me suuuper sad. I wish I had a Ho Ho Holiday Box countdown for every day of my life. Maybe some day.. wishful thinking, right?! The Ho Ho Holiday box was created by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! And it reads: "Believe it or not, it's day number nine The big guy in red will be here in no time! We hope you've behaved and took mom's advice Santa always knows who's been Naughty or Nice!" This is the Naughty or Nice Thermal - Sugar Plum Scent, which is a Ho Ho Holiday Box exclusive.. umm.. a thermal.. that is scented.. get out. Yup. Just leave. This is amazing! I cannot wait to see this sweet baby in action! See you all again for day 10!!

Day 8 of The Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! We are on to day 8 of the Ho Ho Holiday box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! Shall we see what I received today? It reads: "We're just a handful of days from the big Christmas date So we've got a little pampering for day number eight. Cookie scented mani bombs are a really great treat And they're not just for hands; you can even soak your feet!" YASSS! 2 mani bombs! These are both in limited edition scents: Sugar Cookie & Gingerbread!! Also, can we quickly talk about the little gingerbread men in the mani bomb?! So cute! If you want to get your mitts on these specific scents, or just some mani bombs period, click HERE If you have never tried out a mani bomb, please get on board with them asap! It is like a mini-spa experience in the comfort of your own home. They always smell amazing, are super softening for your mitts, and it is just a lot of fun to watch all the fizzy goodness! That is all for today -- see you all ag

December 13-19 GLADvent Calendar Goodies

Hey everyone! Just a quick recap for this weeks' goodies from the Cuter Cuticles GLADvent calendar. Day 13 - Some rad lip balm - mint style! No complaints about lip balm, especially during the wintertime! Day 14 - Nail clips! YES! I feel like these will help with glitter removal instead of doing the foil method, I will just use these. And.. they are a shade of green. LOVE! Day 15 - a baby cuticle oil in Candy Cane.. um.. these are so adorable.. and a candy cane scent? Perfect! Day 16 - A rainbow kind of camo-esque bead for my bracelet! Day 17 - YEASSSSSHHH!!! Cutie Guard! I love this stuff so much! Cannot wait to put it to good use!  Day 18 - a ring.. that looks like the Saskatchewan Roughriders 'S' with blue balls - haha.. ahh.. yup! Day 19 - YAY! Chocolate Mint barrier butter.. this smells sososososo good! I love the barrier butters, and I love the scent chocolate mint, so this is a HUGE win! Here is the weeks worth of items.. minus th

Day 7 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Back again for day number 7.. and can I just say.. this has really been a magical year for my mitts. Between this and the GLADvent Calendar, I have truly spoiled myself. Shall we continue? Again, this is the Ho Ho Holiday Box that was created by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! Two rad Canadian ladies who make some insanely amazing products. Just catching everyone up to speed! And it reads: "For day number seven we've got a sexy grey creme; With blue sparks and holo, it's really a gem! This lacquer is great for any holiday yule When the light hits your nails, they'll shine like a jewel!" This is Mrs. P's Potions in You Don't Know Jack Frost! It is a limited edition colour, so if you want it - you can check out the link HERE and see if it is still available!! So excited to test this bad boy out - just look at the glitters!! That is all for today -- see you again tomorrow!

Day 6 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Today I am going to share with your day 6 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! And it reads: "Now what do we have for day number six? A luscious whipped butter will do the trick! It's silky, not greasy, it'll leave your skin feeling smooth With the scent of eggnog to get in the holiday groove!" This is another limited edition scent.. and.. lemme tell you.. this is amazing! I love eggnog scented anything.. so.. this is basically a dream! And.. Tara's whipped body butter is literally my favourite lotion as of late. It is super nourishing and thick, yet it absorbs so fast. I actually slathered on a wealth when I was talking about my love of the scent, and was back in 3.685 seconds to finish typing up this post. That's fast! A little combo that I love.. I use her coffee scrub in the shower, then I slather on some of her whipped body butter ever.. my skin has never been silkier. Seriously. If you're in

Day 5 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! We are already on to day 5 of this magical box from Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! Shall we?  It reads: "On this fifth day of Christmas we're puttin' on the ritz Tales of Tinseltown is a lacquer with glitz! It's gold and it's holo, it's got microflakies galore With this polish on your nails, Christmas won't be a bore!" This is a limited edition colour, that, if still available - you can click HERE to snag yourself a bottle! In the bottle it looks gold, silver, and bronze-y and just lovely! I cannot wait to put this glittery gem to work! That is all for today, see you again tomorrow!

Day 4 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Day 4 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! is here.. I just want to get right in to it.. So.. And it reads: "It's day number four and time for a tip The cold winter air can be tough on your lips! This sweet little balm will keep your lips feeling nice It tastes yummy too with a wee bit of spice!" This is the flavour Pomegranate Chai.. and.. let me just say.. it is spicy and amazing smelling. Like. Wonderfully peppy smelling! Also, if you lick your lips whilst wearing this, your tongue gets a little zing! Who doesn't like that?! This flavour is limited edition, so I highly suggest getting your mitts on it asap! I also have to add that I love that it is a black tube. Makes me feel even more bad ass whilst applying lip balm. Get your mitts on this flavour HERE Ohhh man.. I was so content after day one.. and it seems like every day just makes the whole thing even more exquisite. I shall definitely see you tomorr

Day 3 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Today I bring you day 3 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! Days 1 & 2 were exceptional, so I basically have high hopes for everyday, and I feel like I am not going to be disappointed! Also, the first three days had the little notes, so I am positive I will get them every day, and that excites me almost more than the products - almost . I uhhh.. got a little over zealous when opening this one.. and I destroyed the little note.. and.. that really makes me sad. BUT! I can still read it, so I am able to transcribe here: "It's the third day of Christmas, you're getting into the mood The lights and the parties and all that holiday food! Your festive clothes are on point, but you want your mani to match With this sparkly red polish, you'll be quite the catch!" And this is listed as a Ho Ho Holiday Box exclusive as well.. so.. YEX! This is a red polish with holographic glitters.. it is basically igniting m

Day 2 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you day 2 of the Ho Ho Holiday Box from Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It! And it reads: "It's the second day of Christmas, you're looking forward to a break These days you need a shower just to keep you awake. A shower steamer will ensure that your eyes won't droop 'Cuz it's scented with some pine-y Reindeer Poop!" Annnd this one is a HoHoHoliday Box exclusive! I am terrible at describing scents, but this definitely has that wonderful pine-esque scent. I am a nighttime shower-er, and this definitely has a zingy 'hey, you're going to be awake!' scent vibe to it. I am just really excited about the whole shower steamer movement - I am 99/100 times going to take a shower over a bath, but I want cool things for the shower - this is just fantastic to me. It says I can probably get 2 uses out of it. I shall make this little bad boy count! You can scope out the array of shower steamers by clic

HoHoHoliday Box by Mrs. P's Potions & Soak It!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to share with you another holiday type advent box I literally received in the mail this afternoon (I know.. mail delivered on a Sunday?! Win!) I was so excited to get my mitts on one of these boxes during the sale.. I believe there were 20 or 24 created.. so.. again, the excitement is real!! The opening started today, the 13th, and will continue until Christmas. I am super stoked about this because I already love all the products from Tara, who runs Soak It! and I was pumped to try items from Bree, who runs Mrs. P's Products (have always heard rad things, just never gave it a go!) Shall we get on to the overview of the package and day 1?! Now.. the package it arrived in was beautifully wrapped - but I was a complete savage and tore in to it immediately. Ok.. so.. can I just say that I am loving that each day is individually wrapped - and so nicely, at that. Like.. I feel so magical just looking at these. The time and effort is clearly

December 6-12 GLADvent Calendar Goodies

Hey everyone! Today I bring you some more of my GLADvent calendar goodies. Shall we look at the goods all together, then break them down? Yes, splendid idea! Ahh just looking at this spread of awesomeness is making my heart smile! Let's have a little chit-chat about the beauts before your eyes.  Day 6 - YASSSS! Finally a mani bomb! Each day last week I was did a mini-chant of 'manibombmanibombmanibomb' in my head.. and I mean, I am not complaining about the items from last week.. but this was a great kick off to the week ahead!  Day 7 - a dangly snowflake charm for the bracelet. At first, I was all amped thinking it was a star.. then I saw that it was a snowflake, and I was suddenly even more excited. I just like snowflakes, ok. Not snow, but the individual flakes I am cool with.  Day 8 - a crystal nail file - my favourite type of file.. going straight to my purse!  Day 9 - YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!! MORE CUTICLE OIL! Gingerbread Latte.. be still my sweet baby

Holiday Ornaments

Hey everyone! Just a quick post for the night here.. how about some Holiday themed nails.. like.. ornaments.. I used this photo as my reference.. I find it via image search.. but it never linked me back anywhere.. if anyone knows who did these, let me know!! I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat OPI Alpine Snow Dollish Polish This Is My Home, I Have To Defend It Girly Bits Jiminy Christmas OPI Coca Cola Red Dollish Polish Kevin!! Orly Liquid Vinyl Dollish Polish Anndd Thennn??? Little Brush Dotting Tool Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat That is all for today -- see you all again soon!

December 1-5 GLADvent Calendar

Hey everyone! As promised, here is a run down of my advent gifts for December 1-5.. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please visit this post HERE .  Day 1: A lovely bracelet with an orange-y red butterfly printed bead.. It was mentioned that there was going to be a bracelet with some charms tossed in along the way.. Very cute! It looked so tiny, I didn't think it would first around my wrist.. but it does.. with a wealth of slack. Thank you dainty wrists!  Day 2: The cutest-miniest-sweetest little baby roller ball of Cranberry Sugar.. cuticle oil.. At least I am assuming it is cuticle oil. That is what I used it as.. if it is a roller ball of perfume.. well.. at least my mitts will smell amazing! The scent is really sweet, which I love. It reminds me of making Kool-Aid as a child. Good times! Day 3: a bead to join the bracelet - it is an intense abstract design with a multitude of colours. I like it. On to the bracelet is goes! Day 4: Cat.. tattoos? I be

First Day of December Mani

Hey everyone! Just a super quick post for today.. and I mean, technically I was sporting these yesterday, but today is December 1st, so I am just counting it as a planned-for-today mani. Please? I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat Essie Virgin Snow Polished For Days Leaf It To Me OPI Alpine Snow Detail Brush Dotting Tool Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I did use a few vinyls on my thumb, but I didn't realize that I still had a smidge of makeup on my thumbnail - even after vigorously washing my hands (apparently this foundation is actually long wearing..) - I feel like this is a mani that I like better in real life.. here I just see so many flaws, but I still like it! And both of these polish were on my untried rack - really glad I paired them together! See you all again soon!