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KL Polish Caramello

Hey everyone! Just a quick post today.. well.. it should be a quick post. Though, I am going to talk about the KL Polish for a moment or 3. So, I ordered them on pre-order, then there was a whole to-do there - whatever.. they arrived last week - one was sadly broken. The packaging was atrocious. They were in a bubble mailer.. ok, fine, but there was wrapped in tissue paper.. that is it. Like, you couldn't toss some bubble wrap on each bottle as well? Guh. Whatever. I e-mailed them, then are sending a replacement.. it still reeks of polish in this zone. Now, I have used.. 3 of the polish this far - just haven't posted. The first one I used was Gumption! which is an amazing blue shade - the smell! Oh my god! It smells like.. the nail polish I used to buy in the 90s - the ones filled with all the bad stuff. I have not smelled anything like that in YEARS! I finished painting my nails, doing some nail art.. and the smell didn't go away. I had to take it off. The next polis

I love OPI Yank My Doodle

Hi everyone! Quickest post ever.. my sister is on her way.. ahh! Just wanted to post this up.. and it had to be now. Simple leopard/cheetah print nails.. but using OPI Yank My Doodle. I went on a quest to find this shade locally.. OBSESSED! I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat OPI Yank My Doodle Essie Licorice KBShimmer Foiled Dotting tool Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat That is all - gotta run!

Snowy Galaxy Nails

Hey everyone! I was loosely inspired by the nails that ChalkboardNails posted on IG today - but these nails are on another level, haha. These photos don't show the intense 'in your face' shine that these bad boys give off, but I decided to share them now.. because.. I love them! I used: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat Essie Licorice Loaded Lacquer Spot Me, Bro OPI Champagne For Breakfast Formula X White Matter Sponge Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat That is all for today - see you all again soon!

Golden Mistletoe Nails - Nail Polish Canada Entry

Hey everyone! A couple weeks back, I saw THIS PHOTO on IG by CottonConey and I figured I could mistletoe it up, and make it Christmas-y. I was right. And then I received the e-mail to enter the NPC Holiday Nail Art Challenge. Perfect timing! I got some inspiration from Claire via youtube about flat lays with writing.. so I did that with my 'What I Used' this time.. might have to do this more often. Was fun! Though I forgot to add OPI Jade Is The New Black in the shot.. yup.  That is all for today. Have a rad day!

Perfectly Painted Quo by Orly 12 Polish Set

Hey everyone! So, last weekend, at Shoppers (here in Canada) - they had a redeem your points for extra points.. whatever it was.. point redemption program. Yeah. Anyways. I knew of 2 items I wanted to get.. then I saw this bucket of polish and thought 'why not!? I can blog this!' Thankfully it was point redemption. This bucket of 12 minis was... like.. $32?! 12.. minis. Gross price for what it is. Now, had I have seen the price before I picked it up, I would not have even bothered. I mean, the polish is nice - but minis. Bleh. Anyways. Besides the price totally sucking, I still went forth and swatched the colours. Some of them are amazing. None of them were terrible. So, small bonus. I will go on to the photos, and just tell you the nam- oh, wait.. NONE OF THEM ARE NAMED. WTF?! THAT IS THE BEST PART OF POLISH. Ok, one of the best parts. Yeah. Zero names. The sadness is overwhelming! $32 and 12 nameless mini polish. Cry. I mean, looking at the shades.. you get a