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80s St. Patrick's Day Nails

Hey everyone!

So.. I inadvertently created 80s-esque St. Patrick's Day nails. Now, I was going to remove them and try to make something more.. pretty.. but let's be real here: I love the 80s vibe. They get to stay!

 I started by doing triangle chunks of colour - based off of a photo from IG. Then.. I was going to add a third colour of chunks, but went with glitter mini-stripes, and dots to top it all off. I just.. yup.

I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatFormula X White MatterChina Glaze Treble MakerChina Glaze Midnight KissMrs. P's Potions Matcha Do About NothingOPI Amazon...AmazoffSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
That is all for today - see you all again soon!

Illamasqua Milf

Hey everyone!

Around Christmas time, I was in Winners, and found they had 2 bottles of Illamasqua polish.

Wait, WHAT?!

I legit did the electric slide back to the display of polish and quickly looked at the boxes. $4.99. Um, does Winners have any idea how much I paid to not only purchase an Illamasqua polish a year or two back, but to also ship it to me?! $4.99. I basically destroyed the display (very nicely, though) looking for any others, but there was just the two.

One of them happened to be Milf, which is one I had wanted for a while - just didn't want to take the plunge in the purchase/wait to get it to me. The excitement was real.

What is even better than that price tag, is the formulation.

Dreamy. Amazing. It is real love.

I know I did post these on IG, but I know I never posted about them here. So, here they are.

I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatIllamasqua MilfFormula X White MatterEssie LicoriceKBShimmer FoiledSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
Love. That is all for t…

KL Polish Brick Sidewalk + Mrs. P's Potions Gold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Hey everyone!

I am going to share a suuuuper simple mani featuring KL Polish Brick Sidewalk.

I feel like I should do a full review post on KL Polish, but I feel like because they aren't "new" anymore, it would kind of be a waste? It wouldn't be a good review post, anyways.

The only saving grace aka the only reason I bother using the polish at all, is that the colours are exquisite. But honestly, that is all I like about them.

Huh, mini review right there. Anyways.

ALSO - this mani is done using Mrs. P's Potions Gold Never Bothered Me Anyway, and that I do really, really like.

 Ugh. That shade. It is so nice! Why can't you just be a nicer formula? And not smell horrible? And the brush not paint my whole finger. Guh.

I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatKL Polish Brick Sidewalk Mrs. P's Potions Gold Never Bothered Me AnywaySeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
That is all for today. See you all again soon!

Multi-coloured Gold Flake-y Goodness

Hey everyone!

Ok, this will be the year of marble nails AND gold flake nails for me. I swear. I have to actually physically stop myself from doing something pertaining to either one all the time. Ooh, what if I mixed them together? YAS!

All right, that is for another day.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what was all used polish-wise to create these gems anymore. It's been a hot minute. I apologize.

I do remember just smooshing (legitimate term) the polish with a stamper over white polish, then applying gold flakes. Cannot go wrong.

Ok, that is all for today. See you all again soon!

Black Marble (sort of).

Hey everyone!

-Insert gratuitous reasoning(s) of why I have been away-

Ok, now that that is out of the way, hi!

I just realized I still have a couple post photos stocked up. Sigh. I haven't even uploaded all that is currently living on my camera. The fear is real.

That is for another day. Mayhaps this weekend.

Until then.

I think I said it at some point on my blog, but I feel like 2017 is going to be the year that I constantly do faux marble nails. Note: not watermarbling. I have given in to that failed activity far too many times.

No, I mean the classy kind of marble. You know.

This time, I did it in reverse, because, why not?

 It counts, right?

Ugh. I love it.

I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatEssie LicoriceFormula X White MatterAcetoneBrushSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
All right, that is all for today. See you all again soon (I promise).