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Black Marble Nails

Hey everyone!

Like I had said last post.. I am still obsessed with marble nails.. so.. why not back-to-back marble posts?!

Today is just some black marble activity with a hint of gold - because, why not?!

 I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatOrly Liquid VinylFormula X White MatterChina Glaze Midnight KissSmall BrushAcetoneSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
That is all for today.. I promise the next post is not marble.. I think :D

Blue Marble Nails

Hey everyone!

My obsession with marble-esque nails continues to this year. I do not see it stopping any time soon.

I went a different route with this one - I kept topping the layers with a thin sheer polish to soften/blur everything. I like it. This is LOOSELY based off of the work from NailThoughts.

 I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatOPI It's A Boy!OPI Rich Girls & Po-BoysOPI My Pal JoeyOPI Don't Touch My Tutu!Formula X White MatterAcetone Small BrushSeche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
That is all for today! See you all again soon!

Rad Pizza-esque Nails

Hey everyone!

Welcome to 2018.. and to kick it all off.. these sort of.. pizza.. inspired nails? That wasn't my intent, I literally had this thought whilst driving, and wanted to do it.. but looking at the photos, I thought: pizza. Maybe because I am doing this whole low carb thing and desperately want pizza? Who knows.. anyways!

I used:
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base CoatOrly VintageFormula X White MatterOrly Liquid VinylChina Glaze Midnight KissLittle Brush Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
I really like these.. even if they do look like rad 'za!

Have a great day everyone -- see you again soon!